"You're right, this won't work," he whispers softly over the phone. She hears his words and his heavy breathing. None of the background sounds escape her, but her heart has. The moment those five words left his mouth and traveled through the broken black phone lines into her ear her worse fears were confirmed. Her hopes were crushed and her heart collapsed with those words. She is still alive, hearing his gentle voice question, "Will you be ok?" From somewhere inside of her a small voice answers "Yes." It surprises her that she even has a voice. That she can be alive with a shattered heart. Slowly she breathes and she hears the phone click. Tears fill her eyes as she falls to the floor still clinging to the phone. Letting go of the phone would be like letting go of him. She had anticipated this moment, but she still cannot accept it. He was the only reason behind every breath she took and now he is gone. She lost him forever. Amazingly she is not lost. She is left alone crying on the floor, but not lost. She does not know why or how to live without him, but she will learn. She will continue breathing and eventually the tears will stop and she will move on. But for now all she can do is cry.