"You're right
this won't work"
he whispers softly
over the phone.

She hears his words
and his deep breathing.
No sound escapes her
but her heart has.

The moment those words
left his mouth
traveling through the wires
and into her ear

it was that moment
when her fears were proven.
Her hopes were crushed.
Her heart collapsed.

She is still alive
hearing his voice
asking gently,
"Will you be ok?"

From somewhere
her small voice answers

It surprises her
that she still has a voice.
That she can live
with her heart shattered.

Slowly she breathes
and hangs up the phone.
The tears fill her eyes
as she falls to the floor.

He was her love.
Her only reason
for every single breath
she ever took.

Now, he is gone.
Lost forever.
Amazingly she is not.
She is still here.

She does not know why
or how to live without him
but soon
she will learn.

She will become herself
Realizing he wasn't worth all these tears
but for now
she will just cry.