Reflections in the glass

I gazed out of the window
The jail of glass I seal myself in
Eager to go out, yet
Afraid that I won't find myself
I waited for the rain to stop
Its endless pounding against my
Safety barrier

You looked like any other passerby
Who rushed past the window, always
In a hurry to be somewhere else
Engrossed in their own lives
Never stopping to look, but
I was wrong.

For a fleeting moment
Our eyes met, and you
Didn't look away. Instead
You came closer and
The windowpane with one blow

I stood, frozen, unsure of
What to do
Now that the separation between us
Was gone, I felt so
But you took my hand
Your fingers closing around mine
And pulled me away from the
Broken glass.

After that, it felt like
Days before we had to part
And you grabbed me close, then
For just a moment, so quick
It felt unreal
Your lips brushed against mine
The you pushed me away like
Nothing had ever happened

Among that lake of lies
There must be a drop of truth
And as my tears fall with a
Into it, I wonder
Are my tears the truth
Or just more lies finding their way
Into my life?

You whispered to me
Telling me a small secret
It was always me who did that
Who would tell everything
So why were you doing that now?

I know what that drop of truth is now
It's love.

Gently, you let go of me
And suddenly the cold glass barrier
Coin-sized raindrops thundering
On it, just like
The day we met
But you were nowhere to be seen.

I turned to look at my own
Reflection in the window
But it was gone, and I was
Looking into a mirror.

Pitter patter;

A/N: Before loving someone, love yourself first. You can lie to everyone but you can never fool yourself - and that drop of truth is for you to wake yourself from this dream. The raindrops - every single one of them could be a lie when they fall into the lake, but you have the power to decide what you want them to be. You rule your life, and don't let anyone do it for you. Don't let the window turn into a mirror; don't hate yourself and seal yourself in, because... you'll regret it.
I don't really know how to explain all this, but this poem is for all my friends. Thank you for always being there.