Chapter 4

After they've crawled for what seemed like forever, Marvin, Tracy, and Lawrence stopped to rest once again near a covered vent opening.

"Where the hell are we?" asked Marvin.

"According to the map, we should be somewhere near the cafeteria," affirmed Tracy.

"Damn," exclaimed Lawrence. "What I wouldn't give for some mozzarella sticks right now."

Their stomachs all began growling at different times. Tracy groaned in slight aggravation and leaned on the vent cover. Unfortunately, she quickly discovers that the vent cover wasn't screwed on securely and it fell off, causing the girl to fall out of the vent. The two boys quickly grabbed her legs as she fell, preventing her from hitting the ground about fifteen to twenty feet below.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," moaned Tracy as she looked down at the ground below her hanging head.

"Hold on Tracy!" Lawrence shouted out to her. "We're gonna try to pull you up!"

With a couple of great heaves, Marvin and Lawrence brought her back into the vent and averted disaster.

"Thanks guys," she thanked as the boys panted.

"Lazy by nature," repeated Marvin. "I am lazy by nature."

"Well, now we know where we are," declared Tracy. "We're right over the cafeteria."

"Really?" exclaimed Lawrence. "Did you see any mozzarella sticks in the Express line?"

"Not really," answered Tracy. "But both the Express lunch and variety lunch places are open. Now if only we could figure out how to get there."

After a few minutes of thinking, Tracy's eyes perked up and she began crawling furiously through the vent. Lawrence and Marvin glanced at each other with looks of confusion and proceeded to follow the girl. Moments later, Tracy popped open a vent opening and jumped out into a room with a window overlooking the cafeteria. Lawrence and Marvin both emerged afterwards and wondered what Tracy had in mind. Without a second thought, the girl sped out to the hallway overlooking the cafeteria. She found a coil of rope nearby left over from custodian work. Thinking fast, she took a metal fold-up chair and threw it at the glass wall, which acted as a window and allowed people in the hallway to gaze down at people in the cafeteria. The window shattered, leaving a large opening. Marvin and Lawrence were still confused until they saw Tracy tying one end of the rope to the guardrail next to the window. She then took off her t-shirt, revealing her sports bra underneath, and wrapped the shirt around her hands and repelled down the rope.

"C'mon you guys!" she shouted up to them.

With a look of apprehension on both faces, the boys swallowed their fears and proceeded to repel down the rope as well. Unfortunately, they forgot to use their jackets to cover their hands and both ended up with major rope burns on their palms and fingers.

"Aaahhhhh!" they cried out in pain as they rushed to the Express lunch line and stuck their hands into the ice that kept the milk cartons nice and cold.

"You weirdos," exclaimed Tracy as she unwrapped her hands and put her t-shirt back on.

With hands healed, the boys and Tracy proceeded to grab a few lunch items to munch on.

"At last, food!" proclaimed Tracy, taking a bite of her steaming hot pizza.

"I'm pigging out!" declared Marvin, popping open a bag of chips and eating them by the handful.

"Mozzarella sticks!" exclaimed Lawrence happily.

After eating to their hearts' content, the three of them lazed on the floor, hungrily satisfied. Tracy took a glance out the windowed doors and wall of the cafeteria. She spotted a couple of the lunch ladies frozen in their action of pushing food carts to the cafeteria.

"Wonder if they're still alive," Lawrence spoke up.

"I don't know about you," began Marvin. "But I'd died if my body temperature was lower than 98."

"Well then," announced Tracy after a few minutes. "Now we gotta get some food for the others."

With a nod from both boys, the three of them proceeded to load up a clean trash bag with as much food and drinks as they could fit in it. Once they were done, Lawrence and Marvin climbed back up the rope to the overhanging hallway while Tracy tied the bag full of food to the rope's end. She then climbed up the rope, planning to pull up the food afterwards. As soon as she was six inches from the guardrail, the end of the rope that was tied to it suddenly went undone. Lawrence quickly shot his hand out and grabbed Tracy's, who then grabbed hold of the rope still tied to the food below.

"Damn it!" she cried out in frustration as she hung from her friend's arm. "Am I having a bad day or what?"

Lawrence smiled as he pulled Tracy up to the hallway with some help from Marvin. They then pulled up the bag of food and headed over to the vent to bring the food back.

"I wonder what the others are doing," Marvin wondered out loud.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" screamed Rita, Tim, and Robert as they and the students smaller than Adam ran from the big guy.

"C'mon guys!" Adam yelled at them as he ran. "In other countries, cannibalism is a normal thing."

"Not in this country!" Tim yelled back as he ran.

"I don't wanna get eaten!" Robert cried out.

"We're doomed!" added Rita.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" screamed the rest of the class.

"I'm gonna get one of you guys eventually!" yelled Adam. "There's nowhere else to run!"

Suddenly, Adam slowed to a stop to catch his breath. Seeing their chance, the rest of the class stopped to catch their breath as well.

"I wish I was short and small," said Tim between breaths. "I could be with Marvin, Tracy, and Lawrence right now."

"I wish my breasts weren't so darn big," added Rita.

"I wish I was Asian," popped Robert.

Tim and Rita turned their heads to look at him.

"What's that got to do with our current situation?" asked Tim.

"Nothing," replied Robert. "I just wish I was Asian."

"Well even if you were Asian, you could end up like Yao Ming," said Rita. "Then what would you do in our current situation?"

"Then," began Robert. "Then I'll wish I was short."

"You're so irrational," retorted Tim.

"Shut up," responded Robert.

Jus then, they noticed Adam running towards them; he had regained his energy while they were talking. With a yelp, the class began running away from Adam once again. About half an hour later, Marvin popped his head out of the vent and into the classroom.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed, seeing the students running around the fire frantically.

"What is it, Marvin?" Tracy asked from behind.

Behind her was the bag of food encompassing the area behind her, and after it was Lawrence who was pushing the bag. Not knowing what was happening on the other side of the bag, Lawrence became anxious to get out of the vent and pushed the bag. The bag in turn pushed Tracy who then pushed Marvin right out of the vent. The boy fell down right on top of Adam, who was running by, and knocked the wind out of the big guy. The class cheered as Marvin looked on with a blank stare, still sitting on top of the unconscious Adam. Tracy popped her head out of the vent and jumped down onto a nearby student desk. Then came to bag of food and then Lawrence.

"FOOD!" the class cried out as soon as they smelled the scent of pizza and burgers drifting from the bag.

Before they got close to the bag, Tracy took out her letter opener and pointed it at them.

"Hold it right there!" she screamed out. "We gotta ration this food for the time being so each of you guys will only get ONE thing of food. Now get in a straight line or get nothing!"

As commanded, the class got into a line before the girl. Satisfied, Tracy proceeded to pass out the food. Afterwards, there was still some food and drinks left in the bag so Tracy took it and stored it under the corner computer counter. She saved a box of pizza for Adam when the boy became conscious again. After the class was done eating, they piled all of their paper trash near the fire and threw the rest away in the trash.

"You guys are the greatest people on earth!" Tim praised as Tracy, Marvin, and Lawrence looked on.

"That's nice," thanked Tracy nervously. "Just don't hug us."

"You saved us!" said Rita. "If it wasn't for you guys, Adam would've eaten us!"

The three raised an eye at Rita.

"What?" exclaimed Marvin. "You mean you guys were actually running away from Adam?"

"Yeah," answered Robert.

"Aw, Adam wouldn't do that," said Tracy. Then she thought about it for a moment. "Or would he?"

"I thought you guys were turning into a cult, running around the fire like that," exclaimed Marvin.

"What the hell?" blurted Lawrence in confusion.

"Just like Lord of the Flies," added Tracy.

"Ugh, I hate that book," reiterated Tim.

"You hate everything, Tim," retorted Robert.

"Would you two stop that?!" exasperated Tracy. "Geez, you guys are uber annoying!"

"He started it," declared Robert, pointing at Tim.

Tim glared back at him.