Anthony Zeker reluctantly climbed onto the school bus. He headed way for the back, where there was a reserved seat for him. As he moved down the aisle, every voice turned into a whisper. Every leg moved out of the way. Sighing, Anthony slumped into the seat and aimlessly stared out the window.

He remembered the school bus path quite well. Turn left, go down the road, take the right fork, turn right again, left into the neighborhood.
He realized that they were stopping at the Gregor's house. Anthony knew the Gregor's well. Old Man Gregor had lent him a cigarrette every once and a while.
A boy bounded onto the bus, along with a girl. She had blond hair, which was pulled back into a ponytail. She wore jeans and a Boston Red Sox sweatshirt, along with a Boston Red Sox baseball cap.
Anthony stared. 'Crap, who is this girl?' he thought curiously, running a hand through his wavy brown hair.
The girl sat down a few seats away from him. Slowly and casually, Anthony slid to the end of his seat to get a better look. The girl was chatting with her friends.
The boy was sitting in the seat across from him. His backpack had his name printed on it: Jack Terarri. Anthony tapped him on the shoulder, startling him. Jack jumped and looked up, annoyed.
"What the hell do you want?" he asked. Anthony glared at him and raked his fingers through his hair again.
"Jeez, man. Who the hell is that bitch right there?" he questioned. Jack looked at the girl.
"If you didn't cut school, you might know. I take it this is your first time going to school for the year, right? Playing hooky. Hmph. School started two weeks ago. You've been cutting classes since then? You- " but Jack got no further because Anthony grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him out of the seat slightly.
"Spill, you bastard," Anthony whispered under his breath. Jack looked worried, but then calmed down.
"Ha! I know you like her. I can tell by the way you look at her. The way you want to find out so much about her. You want to - Oof! Man, you jerk! Get the hell away from me!" Jack cried as Anthony kicked him. Everyone on the bus turned to face the two. Anthony quickly slid into his seat, as if nothing was wrong. Luckily, nobody saw him there with Jack.
"What are you yelling about?" a kid smirked. "Trying to have imaginary friends again, Terarri? What, they didn't like you either?"
Snickers filled the bus, and Jack turned purple. As soon as nobody was watching anymore, Anthony slid into the seat with Jack.
"What are you doing? Get - " Jack began, but Anthony clamped a hand over his mouth.
"Listen Terarri. Just tell me everything you know about that girl, and I'll pay you two bucks," Anthony bribed.
"Forget it, Tony. It's five or nothing," Jack negotiated. Anthony sighed, exasperated, and then let out a groan for a better effect.
"Deal," he agreed, even if it meant giving up his money for a new pack of cigarrettes.
"All right, Zeker. Here's the scoop. That's my sister," Jack began. Anthony gaped.
"What?" he gasped. Jack shrugged and nodded. "But then.? You mean, she's younger than me?" Anthony howled. Jack nodded again.
"Only by a year, dude." Anthony snatched another glance at the girl. She didn't look that young.
"A year. Fine." Anthony moaned. Jack Terarri shrugged again and continued.
"Okay. So she's twelve. Her name is Laura. She likes sports, like floor hockey, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, softball. And she's crazy about the Boston Red Sox. We just moved here." Anthony swallowed hard. "All right. Cough up the five," Jack declared. Anthony absent-mindedly handed him a five dollar bill.
"I'll pay you another five if you set me up," Anthony whispered, his mouth dry. Jack raised his eyebrows.
"Well, I dunno. I'd be cheating on my sister and she'd totally kill me if she found out."
"Another ten," Anthony sang. Jack grinned maliciously and rubbed his hands together.
"You free on Fridays?"