Original Date: 11-02-2004

Route 33; Seat Number 20 - an 18 minute Bliss

Everyday via route 33
I see her settle in
Seat # 20, a celestial beauty: pursed lips, broken smile, prim and proper
--such a routine life she leads
"Bonsoi Marianella! Vous ete bien?"
"Regardez cela...Je suis la, haha, tres bien, tres bien, et vous Monsieur Reynold?"
--such a spark in her eye while she speaks, such a soothing voice, sublime beauty
...reminds me of a balanced lotus...
"Is thees seet taekun monsieur?", she enquires with polite interest while her hair
trails o'er my sholder.
--what an infectious way to start the journey home, beside the angel I'm always spellbound.
"Oui, of course it is. Ahem. And how's mon amie doing?", I ask with all the courage I can muster.
"Haard day at ze academie, but you make it better, Oui? "Cheer me up as usual" her eyes dictate.
--a taste of heaven I get; I'm only too eager to oblige.
--long talks of music, love and life get weaved with the passing wind. No wonder the light
of my morbid life gives so much hope!
--such a perfect emotional match she has proven to be. My search is undone, it comes to a rest
at her soft feet. The fruit of my life I taste daily.
--a wonderful way to spend the evening; I love my routine.
"Route 33; seat #20--an 18 minute bliss".

Written while in college (UGA)