I can't believe
we've made it this far

We've conquered the world
with the love in our hearts.

Everything was fighting against us
but we didn't give up.

We were in this for the long haul
and it definitely paid off.

I love you so much
and I know you love me too.

The only time I feel safe
is wrapped in your arms.

We've had our fights
and we've made each other cry,

but we always knew
nothing could stop the love in our hearts.

I love you so much
the words escape me.

Nothing I can say or do
can ever express how I feel.

But I want you to know
that I love you more than anything

and I'm always here
anytime you need me.

You've been my rock
and supported me through everything.

You were my savior
in my time of need.

You're not everything I thought I wanted
but you're everything I needed.

You're not perfect, no one is,
but you're perfect for me.

You're my angel
and I love you.