Chapter one

The sound of horse hoofs rang out into the night. The masked rider slapped its horse making it go faster as it's pursuers gained on it. The masked rider yelled, " Faster, faster!" into the night to its horse. The horse neighed and saliva was seeping out of its mouth from being ridden so hard. Through the trees and over the dead logs they rode into the night. The rode like bats out of hell and never slowed down. They needed to get plenty of room between them and their hostile pursuers.
Behind them was a large group of armed knights chasing after them. They were heavy with armor and it slowed their horses down. Unlike the thief they were chasing who was clothed in black and a long black cape with a black hat. It wore a mask of black as well, shielding its identity. The horse it rode was a very fast, pitch black, mare.
Finally the so-called thief rounded a bend. As it's followers rounded it they stopped. There was no sign of the masked thief anywhere. The head of the group signaled for everyone to spread out and look for the accused. After about half an hour they all gathered back together, no one had found the masked rider or it's horse. How strange that it could disappear like that, with no trace what so ever. They remounted their horses and still pushed on. They were going to ride until dawn to the town down the mountain. Surely the thief wasn't to far ahead of them.