How Are You Today?

"Hello, how are you today?"

"Oh, I'm fine, perfectly fine.
'Cept there are people selling dog food
Just to pamper your pet.
And here I am, wonder'n,
'You pay money to take care of this mangy mutt
When there are people starving
Just next door.'
This poverty, this sickness,
It's horrible, is it not?
Is there no way to stop it?
And here I am thinking,
'Maybe if the teachers
Didn't teach so negatively
About the subject of Socialism.
They're so biased, they're so judgmental.
If we had all the same rights,
But the government controlled the airplanes
The telephones and the radios
They might just have enough money
To feed my starving neighbor.'
Oh, yes, I am perfectly fine.
I thank you for asking.
But, there's only one thing . . .
There are women all across America
They're being raped.
One every 43 seconds.
And, when they get pregnant,
They gotta keep the baby.
Because we can't kill that tiny bundle of cells.
No, of course not.
And all the judges, they're saying,
'Oh, you must've asked for it.
You were out late
All by yourself.
This is your fault, miss
You'll just have to deal.'
Now, that's not fair,
Don't you agree?
Oh, I am fine, perfectly fine.
But there's another girl out there
Thinking that she's too fat.
She sees the girls on the T.V,
All "skinny" and "pretty".
Is this really beauty?
This is what society
Is telling us to be.
We must be pretty,
We must be smart.
But not too smart,
Because that's just scary.
Oh, I am fine, perfectly fine.
But that man who has cancer,
He's not well at all.
He can't swallow,
He can hardly breath.
He's costing his family so much money
Just to keep him on some tube.
He wants to die; he knows it's coming soon.
But why can't he just die?
Because they are keeping him alive.
It's what the doctors swear to do.
But is this help, or is this hell?
Oh, I'm fine, just perfectly fine.
But there are people in love
But they can't get married.
Because they're "gay", "homos", "flaming faggots".
Is marriage really so holy?
Some people go to the church.
Some people walk on coals.
But isn't marriage
Just a certificate signed by a judge
So you can get health benefits?
Oh, I'm fine, really, I am.
But this child drew a picture at school.
He was just expressing his feelings . . .
But the school threw him out,
They said,
'It was vulgar, it was offensive.'
And at the same time,
They have the nerve
To require him to take an art class.
Oh, I'm fine, just great, for sure.
But I'm not allowed to speak my mind.
I can't write a poem,
Without the possibility of getting in trouble.
But at the same time,
Those singers, the ones on the radio,
They can sing about sex, they can sing about drugs.
And nobody cares.
Oh, I'm fine, I really think I am.
But I went shopping the other day,
And I saw the skirts little girls are supposed to wear.
They were six inches long, I swear!
Why should a child wear such clothing?
What are we supposed to do?
Who are they telling us to be?
Oh, I'm fine, I really am.
But I knew a boy who was really smart
He knew a lot about politics,
But he never said anything about it
He never dared to challenge himself.
He's saying to himself,
'It's not cool to be smart.
My friends will laugh,
I'll be called a nerd.
It's probably safer,
To just play it dumb.'
Is this what the world is coming to?
Are we becoming slaves to society?
Do we only do what other people want?
Do we only do what THEY want?
Just one question please.
Who are 'They'?
Oh, I'm fine, I've never been better.
People are dying for a 'glorious' cause.
People are crying for loved ones they lost.
People are trying to be who they're not.
People are lying to get all they want.
We are all dying.
We rot from the inside out.
We have what we want,
As long as we do it the way they want.
This world will crash.
This world will burn.
And, yes, I think I'm fine today.