girls kiss girls

girls kiss girls and we call them crazy,
don't we have more pressing issues at hand?
why should you interfere
in these simple things?
damn it, there's war right next door.

michael jackson said "heal the world",
we applauded but covered our ears.
we offered help to the third-world countries,
but not enough,
then congratulated ourselves for being kind souls.

we close our eyes to modern society,
people are dropping like flies -
suicide, murder, madness,
we have it all
in the youths of the nation.
prozac nation, they say.

we ignore the broken hearts and
twisted minds, charred beyond recognition.
restraint, rules, control.
non-compliants who don't succumb to our power,
don't grovel at our feet,
don't obey,
are just pariahs. not human any more,
unaccepted and unloved.

they seek solace in
their little eccentricities,
gain our attention,
and our disapproval.
future leaders of the country, they are,
and we don't take the time
to raise them right.
what's right?

leftist world;
no right(s);

-kismet. 3rd november 2004.
Author's Note: it may not make sense to you. you have been warned. after the poem has run its course, of course.