The Science Of Things

I am the arch of your face



to kiss me with a bitter sweetness

that will leave me in a trance for days.

I know

that your that racing,




flowing through my veins

so strongly

that it leaves me weak at the end of the day

but always in need for more.

I see

the fractured line of my wandering

as I wonder


and how

I can get through the next day

in my new found sense of doubt



at the coming future

knocking at my door like a mad man.


sweet lies

to put me to sleep at night

like a lullaby sung to me as a child

and left forgotten

until the tune creeps into my mind years latter

and leaves me with only daja vu

and nostalgia

that sweeps

away my need for independence.

What do you want me to say?

Get out!

Come on over!


what else must be done

in the name of the rebirth from my parentage

a lie

against my lips

leaving me


How do I say this

what am I trying to say.

That I'm the arch of your face

uplifted toward the sky

in the sense

of hearing my voice for the first time.

This noise

this rattle

couldn't possibly be me

-the silent one-

I guess I wasn't who I thought I was.

What did I think?




time ago

I was tainted

and unworthy

of the velvet kiss

that you give me every night before I close my eyes

but now I'm not so sure.

I am the arch of your face

seeing me

for the first time.