The scent of you
Has coiled round my neck
Leaving me breathless
You're so hard to forget.

Everything you do's
So perfect and so right
Anything I see
Disappears when you're in sight.

Promised myself
To never sing for a guy like you again
But I'm overflowing with your touch
Blows my mind senseless, when
You're standing there, you speak to me
I'm cascading through your soul
All I do is burn for you
Makes me feel so rock'n'roll.

The taste of you
You whisper, my heart shouts
Fracturing my mind
It's washed me out.

Your anything's my everything
Your world is my desire
I know I hardly know you
That's what drives me higher.
A sunset ocean
Shimmering with your blue
I know you don't know it
But hell I'm so in love with you.