"If Only..."
He said the poets were the midwives of reality,
But what nobody realized at the time was,
He was talking straight to you, straight to me,
Instructing us to bring the light, to fight because,
We need more of that inside us.

She told me the most beautiful things in life are,
The things that do not concern us,
Trivial things like religion, preference or Shakespeare,
Other things we shouldn't fuss about, no fuss,
We need less of that inside us.

They all said we, the people, would amount to nothing,
Enfolding us in a skewed view of fear and consumption,
Never wanting any of us to bring,
Our own thoughts to the table, not three, two, not one,
We don't need any of that inside us.

We need more midwives of reality.
We need less trivial things to unravel us.
We need no more talks of your four-year-plan.

We need a new man,
We need another man,
If only we could look at this,
From the viewpoint of that woman...

Maybe we could change.