Sagebrush Sheriff

Kit slowed Bullet to a walk as he approached the town of Sagebrush. Slowly he took stock of his surroundings. It was a well-to-do little town on the edge of hilly plains that ran right up into purple mountains.
Kit looked around as Bullet walked down the main street of the town past the general store and the bakery towards the hotel and saloon. He saw farmers and ranchers and women going about their business. Then he saw a young man by the bank freeze, staring at him. Kit saw the Silver Star gleaming on the Deputy's vest and he shifted his weight in the saddle. But the Deputy turned and ran off towards the jail as Kit reached the front of the hotel.
Great, thought Kit. Looks like Jim was right. I must be plain loco. That or lookin' to get myself invited to share some sheriff's hospitality while waitin' to be the guest of honor at a necktie party. Reckon I must be loco comin' back to this part of the country.

Bill Carter had been the sheriff of the town of Sagebrush for over fifteen years. He was well experienced in dealing with all the riff-raff that rode into town. But the news his deputy, Danny Malone, came running in with caused the sheriff to choke on his morning coffee.
"Bill!" cried Danny, both excited and fearful at the same time. "You'll never guess who come ridin' into town. He come in on a big black hoss. Cool as you please, ridin' right down Main Street. I known him right off from his clothes and them two pistols he packs. Dressed all in black on the big black hoss lookin' like Death hisself!"
"Who come ridin' in, Danny?" Bill interrupted taking a sip of coffee.
"Why the Arizona Kid!" Danny exclaimed, surprised Bill hadn't guessed.
Bill choked then spit out the coffee at Danny's words. Then he got up and grabbed his rifle and headed out the door followed by the overexcited deputy.
Bill saw the tall, handsome youth in black with two pistols low on his hips. The Kid was tying his horse when Bill approached and his back was to the sheriff.
"Howdy," said Bill. The Kid whipped around and bill saw the ice blue eyes flash.
"Howdy, sheriff." He replied.
"I guess you didn't see the sign, no firearms carried in the town limits. I'll have to take those." Said Bill gesturing at the guns.
"Well sheriff, in my line a work these happen to be a necessity. You wouldn't deprive a man of his living would ya?" the Kid replied coolly.
Bill tightened his hand on the rifle and the Kid's hand strayed toward his colt. Bill licked dry lips.
"I'll being seeing you later about this, Kid" Bill said.
"Reckon you will, sheriff." Said the Kid as Bill turned away.
Kit watched the sheriff walk back towards the jail and slowly he relaxed. This is going to be interesting, he thought ruefully.