I have nothing else to share

No answers

No backup plan

No way to make you stay

To make "couple" more than a label

People associate us

Everyone but you

A thousand friends around you

Every time we could talk

T.V. on, the computer unplugged

Every time I try to call or write

You turn away to greet another friend

I only wonder what I did so wrong

To make you ask me out

And stop caring as soon as I said "yes"

Is there something so wrong with me?

Am I wrong?

Just for existing in your world

Where I don't belong

Am I wrong?

For expecting you to talk to me

When I see you?

Apparently I must be

Half your friends flirt with me

The other half, with you

This is our "quality couple's time"

Which we somehow feel the need to share

With everyone else on Earth

I wish my torrid fury would show through

And you'd see how much it hurts

To do nothing is to make a choice

And you made a choice

To ignore me

To show me how much better you can do


I have to make a choice

I have to say goodbye