You say that it's just a faze,
Just another time in my life,
Another tear to wipe away,
A memory edged with a knife.

You direct me to a path,
That I do not will to tred,
I want to take my footsteps,
To another land instead.

You sing to me of music,
Which affects my deadly soul,
A love which left to long ago,
Another reason not to be whole.

You talk to me of mystery,
And what this world does lack,
A gentle kiss a summer breeze,
That's the point in that?

You took away what did exist,
And although my world still spins,
You took away all beauty,
And left me dying within.

You took away the kisses,
And the wind upon my face,
The sun no longer shines,
It's a vast empty space.

You took away my reason,
Yet I continue to breath,
These chains have taken me,
I just wish to be free.

You took away all I held,
And let me watch it burn,
You let me watch my memories,
Wither as they turn.

And as I watch my past fade away,
You only just stand there,
I reach out my hand but you don't see,
You never really cared.

You watch as I give in,
And the tears I silently cry,
You watch as I fade away,
As on the inside I slowly die.

You watch as my heart burns,
And my soul cannot escape,
A future you have given me,
You took away my fate.

By Siobhan

Date: 4/November/2004