In the alleyways
of an abandoned town,
where everything's in such disarray
nothing can ever be found,
there lies a single soul
trying hard despite the stormy weather
to gather all the shattered pieces and gain control
to piece her puzzle together.
Her puzzle's been scattered
into an infinite number of shards
as her dreams have been shattered
but she refuses to give in no matter how hard.
Lost in a part of the world
that no one knows
is a shy naïve young girl
searching for a place to call home,
where there's someone to trust
someone to hold
in someplace that's just
sometimes to get away from the cold.
On a quest for that person
to turn to when we fall
to brighten things when they worsen
she's searching. aren't we all?
After all, we're all trapped
in our abandoned towns where the mess is
so overwhelming, it's considered abstract
composed of secrets, white lies, and beliefs not confessed.
So when it seems
that place is falling apart
look for the perfects someone in your dreams.
Look into your heart.