Love in All Dimensions By Shion

October 28, 2004

Warning Label: Homosexuality, (for those under rocks, that's two people of the same sex in a relationship or someone looking into being in a relationship with some one of the same sex.) violence, religion, vampires and confusing story lines.

This chapter contains characters from Sacred Blessing, by Shion. (also found on

Chapter One: Good Bad Morning

"Son, when you grow up, you'll fall in love with a wonderful person. It might take awhile, maybe even a few tries, but you will find them. Look at me and your mother." A woman with soft red lips smiled. "We're both very happy with you."

A little boy with shiny black hair and big green eyes stared up at her.

"Mommy, why do I have two mommies?" He asked, holding her hand.

"Because sometimes, two mommies fall in love, instead of a mommy and a daddy." She explained. Her red fingernails were rather long, though not intimidating to the boy. He had on overalls and a black t-shirt. She wore a pale blue yukata.

"What happened to Mommy?" The little boy asked, his eyes sparkling with tears.

"She... she went away." The woman lost her smile, tears coming down her own cheeks.



The black haired boy woke up, now around seventeen. He hit his alarm, getting out of bed and getting dressed. He walked into the main part of dorm house.

"Top o' the mornin' to ya!" A redhead boy yelled.

"Morning." The black haired replied dully.

"Off ta school already? Ain'tchya gonna bring Hugger?" The red head asked.

"No. He can walk on his own." The black haired said simply.

"Ya know ya should be more appreciative 'bout bein' able to live 'ere with such nice peoples. Hugger likes ya, ya should let 'im walk with ya!" The red head laughed.

"No, and his name's not 'Hugger'." The black haired closed the door to the large house, walking away from it. The red head sighed.

"Ya got to be nicer to him..."

The black haired was on his way to school when a breeze kicked in. He looked up, green eyes cold.

A girl with bright silver hair emerged from the frozen autumn leaves. She opened her eyes, which looked like huge suctions.

"What the..."

"Hello, my name is Aura and I'll be you're Train today." She said in a voice that sounded like a recorder. "First stop, Dimension Unholy-Holy."

Her eyes sucked him in and he was in some sort of space.

"What the heck is happening?!" He yelled.

"You are Zutto Ame, correct? I am Josephine." The silver haired girl said, floating alongside him.

"Nice to meet you. Now explain this IF you would." Zutto burst.

"Sorry, that is not my job." Josephine said simply. "Here you are."


The black-haired Zutto landed hard on a wood porch. Sitting up, he looked around.

"This... can't be anywhere near the school..." He mumbled, now standing and rubbing his backside. "Where the heck am I, and why am I here..."

"Oh, hello. Are you another one of Diale's friends?" A white haired boy walked up to him, carrying a doll that looked much like the white haired. "He's in the shower right now..."

"Who? Who are you? Who is 'Diale'? Where am I?" Zutto looked around, confused. "Aren't you a little old for dolls?"

"Uhm, I'm Waren, and this is Diale's house. If you aren't one of his friends, what are you doing here?" Waren asked. He wore a white tank top and white jeans, a black coat over it all. The doll in his arms seemed to be sleeping, wearing a little red tank top and black jeans.

"I don't know. Some girl brought me here through her eyes." Zutto pointed to his own eyes. He wore the dark blue uniform from his school, but his bag had gotten away from him.

"Hm... Well, I don't know any girls who can do that sort of thing... Maybe we should ask Deity, when Diale's done in the shower of course. Oh, come on in, I just made tea." Waren smiled, sliding open the glass door.

"Oh, no... I don't want to interfere." Zutto waved.

"You're not. Actually, Diale doesn't drink tea, so I could use the company." Waren said simply, his gold eyes shining.

"Well if that's the case." Zutto relaxed, walking into the house. They went passed a bedroom, then a kitchen before Waren sat down at a wood table.

"So what is your name?" Waren asked, pouring him tea.

"Zutto Ame. Thank you for the tea." He said as a tea cup was slid in front of him.

"Certainly Zutto." Waren smiled.

"Hey. What's with the human?" A black haired man walked into the room.

"Oh Diale. This is Zutto." Waren introduced the two.

"So you're Diale. Nice to meet you." Zutto smiled.

"Right, Zutto... Is that your real name?" Diale asked.

"Yes. Zutto Ame." He shrugged, sipping the tea.

"I am taking him to see Deity." Waren smiled, slightly nervous.

"Great... I suppose you expect me to come along, right?" Diale rolled his eyes.

"No, no, if you want to stay here, I understand." Waren waved, sipping his tea.

"Fine, I'll come. I need to kick his head in for everything anyways." Diale shrugged.

"Sounds like you wanted to come from the start to me." Zutto said simply, finishing his own tea and putting it down.

"Shh!" Waren hissed.

"Stop that!" Diale growled. Waren just smiled. "Look kid, this is a favor he's doing you here, and because he's my mate I can say if he doesn't do it. So be nice to me." Diale said, getting kicked in the face by Waren.

Waren then laughed, sitting calmly down and getting an odd look from the teen. "He brings it upon himself..."

"Mm-hm." Zutto watched as Diale sat up, rubbing his bleeding nose.

"'e's 'ust a derk..." Diale said through the blood, giving Waren a glare.

"If I am such a jerk, why do you not go be with your freaky bar-woman?!" Waren shouted.

"Good friggin' question!!" Diale yelled back.

"The answer is simply because he loves you." Zutto said, ironically simply. Both of the two looked at him, blank faced and doe eyed. "...What?"

"This is why I don't like smart company." Diale stuck his tongue out.

"Are you calling me stupid?" Waren glared.

"Maybe." Diale grinned, getting punched in the side of the face. "I just said maybe!"

"I am very smart and you know it!" Waren yelled, standing once more.

"Yeah I know, okay?!" Diale growled. "We're going, come on!"

"How do we get there?" Zutto asked as Diale stormed into the other room.

"Well, portals." Waren sighed, sitting back in his chair. "Because normal humans can't travel to the Holy Lands, to get you near Deity I will need to use portals of ancients."

"Is that hard?" Zutto blinked.

"Well, no. Not at least for me." Waren shrugged.

"Does it effect anything? You know, break out any wars?" Zutto continued to question.

"Wars...? Wars are fictional things... They don't really happen." Waren waved.

"What? Vietnam, The Cold War, the two World Wars, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War..." Zutto listed, counting them on his fingers.

"Fiction. None of those wars were real, they were all written in Human Literature. I believe Hugh Taonagi wrote World War One and Two, Dylan Warrenhoff wrote the Cold War, Bennett Gray wrote the Civil War and Sherrin Stewart wrote Vietnam." Waren listed in reply.

"No... way. You mean the wars I have to study in class are just books here? That's so... surreal." Zutto blinked.

"Are you ready to go?" Diale came back, seeming slightly calmed.

"Yes." Waren smiled. "Zutto?"

"Sure." Zutto stood.

"I can't believe your parents named you that." Diale grinned.

"Diale, you're named after the former me, I doubt you should talk." Waren snapped.

"Oh, and you're much better. One more 'r' and you've almost got a normal name going for you." Diale rolled his eyes.

"Stop picking fights." Zutto stated simply, pulling them from their world.

"Sorry Zutto, this must be very boring for you." Waren smiled oddly, lifting his hand. A black vortex opened and Diale went through. "Go on, it's safe." Waren assured as Zutto walked forward. Zutto sighed, walking into the black pit.

His head spun, and it felt like someone was screaming so loud his head vibrated as he fell very, very fast. His eyes were opened but they felt closed. His stomach was turning, his head on fire.

"You are almost there." Waren's voice whispered.

The world spun into a white, very white landing. Zutto opened his green eyes, realizing they really had been closed. The world before him was very white, a large throne holding a sleeping gray haired child the only thing besides fluff.

"Where... am I?" Zutto whispered, seeing the black haired in front of him, feeling Waren behind him.

"Yo! DAD, get the hell up and pay attention already!" Diale yelled. Zutto blinked, surely this child wasn't who they had come here to see. The pale- eyes opened, the child sitting up.

"Oh, hello Diale. Sorry, I was just taking a little nap after seeing your father." The child smirked, morphing in a blink to a tall dark haired man.

"Damnit! Why the hell were you BOTH given the shape-shifting thing!" Diale yelled, seeming to have mistaken the being before them. "Where the hell is Dad, and why are you here?!"

"Can't I be here?" The dark haired laughed, leaning forward on his fist, his elbow propped on his knee.

"You're supposed to be in the Unholy Lands, not here! So, where's Dad?!" Diale repeated.

"Why are you so eager to see him?" The being questioned.

"Just tell me already!" Diale yelled.

"Diale, calm down." Waren stepped forward, leaning soothingly over Diale.

"Oh. You." The dark being completely changed tactics. "Deity will be back in a minute, he wanted to look over things. He left a while ago though."

"Who left?" A new voice said. A little girl with silver blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes came up behind them all.

"Deity!" The dark haired stood up, suddenly next to the little girl and hugging her.

"Lucifer!" The little girl squealed, hugging him in return. "I thought I told you to go home! What are you still doing here?"

Lucifer backed up from her, sitting down and dragging her into his lap. She was wearing a pink dress.

"Well I couldn't just leave the throne empty..." Lucifer chuckled.

"DAD! Stop looking like a girl and pay attention to your guests!" Diale yelled, interrupting the happy moment.

"Oh." Deity blinked, turning to the three. She stood, her body changing into a white-cloaked man. "Sorry about that, what can I do for you?"

"This is Zutto Ame." Waren pointed to the human. At some point Waren had given the doll of his likeness to Diale, who held it tightly. "Zutto says a girl with portal eyes brought him to our home."

"A girl with portal eyes?" Deity blinked. "What was her name?"

"She said it was Josephine... I'm pretty sure." Zutto shrugged.

"Ah, yes, I was forewarned this might be happening this eon." Deity nodded. "Josephine is the Space-Time Witch, though she has many other names. She has brought you here as a beginning of a very long journey you must partake in. This is your first stop, probably because this world is so calm."

"Like how all the wars are just fictional books." Zutto stated.

"Indeed. I have learned much about how in most dimensions the books of my people are real events." Deity continued to nod.

"Well, why am I the one who has to go on this journey anyways?" Zutto asked.

"Hm... well, the point of this is balance. So you must have a problem in your normal life in your dimension that can be balanced on this journey." Deity said simply.

"Actually I sent him here because I knew you, with the most free time, would be more knowing about what's happening." The silver-haired girl said, appearing.

"Ah! Josephine, how nice to meet you." Deity turned to her.

"Indeed." She said blankly. Her eyes remained closed. "I thank you Waren, Diale, Lucifer, Deity."

"Certainly." Waren smiled. Diale just stood holding the doll that looked like Waren, silent.

"Hey, so you're here to take me away again, right?" Zutto asked. Josephine simply nodded. "Well then. Waren, thanks for the tea, Deity thanks for the info. Lucifer, you scare me. Diale, stop picking fights just so you can make up."

"Thanks for the pearls." Diale rolled his eyes.

"I'm supposed to scare you, I'm Lucifer." The said grinned.

Josephine nodded once more, opening her vortex eyes.