Love in All Dimensions
By Shion
November 12, 2004

Note: Previous chapters have characters from "Working Title: Bounty Boys", which has finally been officially named, "Anomalous Bounty". These chapters will not be altered, but you know now that story's title has changed.

This chapter contains characters from Demon Dojo and Moon Lightening, both by Shion and found at

Chapter Five: Uptown Inside Out

"Human, what are you doing here?" A voice asked as the black haired boy landed literally in someone's lap, though it wasn't that person asking. He jolted up, then looked at the one who had talked. He had long dark purple hair, in a pony and waving slightly in the brisk evening wind. The sky was painted like a blood-drenched rainbow, the sun setting behind a rather large swarm of mountains.

"Uhm, I was sent here..." The black haired blinked, green eyes looking to the person he had fallen on. This one had short hair, marble white with red tips.

"By whom?" The dark haired snapped. "Youko-chan, get off the ground already." He glared to his comrade, who shrugged and stood, cat-like red eyes at ease.

"Josephine." Green eyes watched the two, realizing their differences in posture.

"And who might that be?" The taller of the two seemed impatient as the other yawned, fangs obvious. "Youko-chan, stop acting like a child."

Youko, the younger of the two apparently, stuck out his tongue in retaliation.

"She's some lady, well, it doesn't really matter. Where are you guys headed?" The black haired asked.

"Youko-chan and I are... why should I tell you?" The taller folded his arms, wearing a samurai kimono and straw china-hat.

"Oh, sorry, my name's Zutto Ame and I'm supposed to talk to you two and learn some things about... here." The teen shrugged.

"Cool." Youko smiled. "I am Youko Mika and this is Zhang the Samurai Demon."

"You idiot, he's probably just another annoying fiend, let me kill him and we'll be on our way." Zhang drew his curved sword.

"I trust he has business beyond that, so no you can't kill him." Youko snapped, seeming to be paying more attention to more.

"Lovely." Zhang growled, sheathing his sword. "So, out with it."

"I did ask where you were going." Zutto shrugged.

"We're just wandering right now." Youko smiled to the other. They seemed about the same age, but Youko was a little taller.

"I see. So, where are you from? What it is it like there?" Zutto questioned.

"We're both from Makai. It's a forest that covers half the world, and it's very rough there. Demons and nutcases... and of course children with eyes of the demons and minds of death." Youko seemed overtly happy as he explained.

"Makai... got it... so where do you guys live? Or do you just wander?" Zutto shoved his hands in the pockets of his dark blue uniform, realizing his clothes were the odd ones here.

"Oh we mainly wander." Youko chuckled. "Zhang gets testy when we stay in one place too long."

"Are we done yet?" Zhang began to growl.

"I don't think he's used to this area, we should stick near him." Youko seemed a little in the know on Zutto.

"Who cares? If he can't take care of himself, I don't give a damn." Zhang drew his sword, cutting down a demon as if brushing back his hair.

"Zhang, if you're not nice, I'll have to get some one else to hang out with." Youko snapped, oddly enough getting Zhang to stay.

"I thank you." Zutto gave a small bow.

"Certainly." Youko sat down, Zutto doing the same. Zhang stayed standing, slaying any demons. The hour passed fairly quickly, small talk being swapped, including the conversation that made Zhang most uncomfortable; the relationship between Zhang and Youko.

"So are you two mates?" Zutto asked, figuring that term would be more suiting for this dimension.

"No, but I certainly wouldn't doubt that we might one day be." Youko chuckled.

"Ha, foolish fox, I don't take in mates." Zhang smirked, getting attention.

"You don't take in friends either." Youko smiled right back, getting Zhang to scowl.

"You should loosen up Zhang, every time you open your mouth to prove you're tough Youko shoots you down." Zutto smirked, actually feeling fairly comfortable here.

"I love it when I leave people somewhere and they just fit in and don't care." A voice came, the silver haired girl appearing.

"Hey Josephine." Zutto stood, now Youko doing the same.

"You must be Josephine the Dimension Master, I have read a few myths about you." Youko smiled, explaining his understanding.

"Indeed, they sometimes call me that." Josephine gave a light bow, which Youko returned, bells around his ankles ringing.

"I don't recall the name." Zhang said simply.

"Of course, that's fine." Josephine nodded to him as well, getting no reply. "I have come to collect Zutto Ame Yasahiro here, I hope you two don't mind."

"I was going to execute him in a few minutes, but sure, take him off our hands." Zhang smirked.

"He's just like that." Youko waved. Zutto gave a small bow before getting sucked into Josephine's portal eyes.


"That wasn't so bad." Zutto said, knowing the silver haired would be able to hear him. Sure enough, she came up behind him.

"No, it was not as I expected it to go. Well, you'll get a nice four day nap next, so you better not complain wherever I put you after that." Josephine's recorded sounding voice stayed monotone.

"Sure, sure." Zutto smiled, getting used to being shoved forward as Josephine pulled back.


"Alright son, very good." A woman smiled, wearing a light blue tank top and blue jeans, bowing. Her son did the same, his black hair to the middle of his back tied back. Hers was dark brown, her bangs shading her eyes from view in the sun. It was very long and slightly wavy, tied into a rather loose pony. "Now, think of something very happy."

Her son paused, wearing black jeans and a white but dirty t-shirt. Neither of them wore shoes, and they were in their back yard, training.

"Like what Mommy?" He looked up at her. She blinked, then went into thought herself.

"Well... whatever makes you happy." She said simply, giving a light shrug. "This is for my best attack, when you learn this your training will be done."

"Really? Okay, uhm... I got it!" He smiled, raising both fists in triumph. She smiled as well.

"Alright, get ready to watch..." She took a stance, the memory hazing out to a new one.

The teen stood over his mother, her wrists slashed and blood trailing over the wood floor. Next to her a note read simply 'I'm sorry, I cannot go on any longer without her. Please try to continue son, Mommy loves you.'

The black haired grabbed the scissors from the drawer, his hands shaking as his eyes dilated. Long black hair fell to the wood, blood accepting it and entwining it in red as the scissors hit the floor, stabbing it. The teen collapsed to his knees, sobbing.

The memory sped up to standing outside the large dorm house, staring at it like it was evil. He dropped his bags to ring the doorbell, a commotion stirring inside before the door was answered by an intimidating tall teen.

"Hiya! Ya must be Zutto Ame Yasahiro, we been 'specting ya. Lemme get yer bags there." The orange haired teen grabbed all the bags, walking into the house. The black haired followed, his hair now only to the middle of his neck as he closed the door behind him. The black haired left his shoes by the door with the other shoes, the orange haired already barefoot. They went up the stairs, the tall teen opening the door to the room on the right and plopping the bags in one corner. "I got yer bed all tidied up for ya, and it should be nice 'n cozy in here. The name's Larkin by the way, Larkin Anwell."

"Thank you." The black haired said simply, looking around the room. The walls were white, the bed well made with a black quilt and white sheets. There wasn't anything but an empty closet, a window and the bags in the corner.

"No problem. Hugger's got dinner goin', he's the only one who can cook, so in about fifteen minutes ya can come down and eat. He makes good stuff, no worryin'. Oh, but he don't talk, so don't get mad at 'im if he don't say nothin' to ya." Larkin grinned, leaving the black haired to settle in. Zutto took a step forward, the floor creaking. It was summer, so the sun poured in through the window. He unpacked his alarm clock from a duffle bag, plugging it into an outlet and setting the time according to his watch, then setting an alarm to go off in fifteen minutes, leaving the alarm clock on the floor as he went to start unpacking his clothes. He ripped paper off a set of plastic hangers, hanging shirts on them and putting them in the closet. He neatly folded his pants, putting them on the shelf below the rack that held the hangers. There was a drawer below the shelf, and he put his boxers and socks in it. By the time he finished the alarm went off, so he tapped the button with his socked foot and walked from the room and down the stairs. To his left was what looked like a kitchen, so he went into it, seeing a light brown haired boy with very long bangs, but the rest of his hair only an inch or so long. He was stirring bread crumbs into noodles, which had already been drained and butter was already melted on them.

The cooking boy seemed oblivious to the other, concentrating on his work. He had on a black tank top and black slacks, the slacks a little long and their hems under his heels. Steaming in a pan already was steak slices in it, next to it a large empty bowl sat. With help of the wooden spoon he used to stir in the crumbs the teen put the noodles in the empty bowl. He didn't notice as Zutto got a few trivets and put them out on the rectangle table in the other room. Zutto came back, taking the steak pan and the noodle bowl out and placing them on the trivets. Violet eyes blinked from behind the long bangs as he finished chopping up pears. He put the bowl with the pears down where the other bowl had been, then grabbed out forks and knives, putting them down where the pear bowl had been, realizing someone else was setting the table. He walked into the dining room, the black haired now back in the kitchen.

"Excuse me." Zutto startled the younger teen, who jumped, putting a hand on his chest as he turned to see Zutto holding the forks and knives. He quickly stepped aside, watching as Zutto put the utensils around. "I guess you're the one that cooks."

The brown haired nodded, most of his face behind his bangs, though he seemed used to it.

"Yeah! Noodles tonight!" A teen with apple red hair and narrow green eyes grinned. The brown haired look to the doorway, where the teen stood, his frame small and lean. He had on a white t-shirt with the number '7' printed on it and black jeans. "You must be the new kid, what was your name again?" He looked to the black haired, his hair to his chin and feathery.

"Zutto Ame Yasahiro." The black haired said simply.

"Right. Oh, my name's Cheri Montaque, but you can call me Monni. This guy," he thumbed the brown haired, who looked down, his entire face hidden. "He doesn't talk, but his name's Kerwin Mather, we all call him Hugger though."

Kerwin twitched at this, but sat down at the table. Zutto and Monni did the same, Larkin coming into the room grinning and sitting on the other side of Kerwin, since Zutto sat on the far side of the brown haired.

"Hey Hugger, dinner be looking great!" Larkin rubbed the brown hair, getting him to sink lower in his seat. "Monni, where is Rambo?"

"He's coming..." Monni shrugged.

"Here." A teen with curly fairly dark brown hair yawned as he sat next to Monni. He had on blue jeans and a gray sweater, having more of a medium build. "Oh hey, the new guy's here. I'm Tsukasa Rambo."

"Zutto." The black hair replied simply. Larkin began shoveling food on his plate, seeming to favor the pears. Green eyes shifted to look at the ever-sinking violet eyes, able to see them from the side. They were watering as the other three rammed into random conversation.


"Are you awake yet?" A voice asked, getting the green eyes to blink as he came from the dream. Over him hovered a teen about his age with cherry hair that stood half on end and green eyes. He was wearing a school uniform, and looked like he had just gotten home from a rather long day. "You are, good." He smiled, walking away from the bed and putting his bag down. "So, care to explain how you got in my bed while I was getting dressed? You made Chole think I was cheating on him again."

"Sorry, I have amnesia and I can't remember anything. I was wandering around and suddenly I woke up here." The black haired, from his dreams named Zutto, sat up and looked around the rather tidy room.

"Uh huh. So do you remember your name?" The cherry haired asked, his hair had to have been dyed, since his eyebrows were black, and so were his barely-there roots.

"Zutto, I'm pretty sure." The black haired faked it.

"Well Zutto, my name's Byrth." The cherry haired smirked. "I'm afraid you can't stay here, but Chole has offered to take you in for a few days since he has room."

"Okay. Is Chole your boyfriend?" Zutto asked, getting Byrth to laugh.

"Sort of. After my last girlfriend was found out for dating half the town we've been faux dating. I don't think he's really ready for a relationship." Byrth explained, leading the other down the stairs. "Gramma, I'm going over to Chole's!" He yelled.