On the Run Again

."You shot Bill! ," Joe screamed.
"Now mister, he drew first and you know it," Arizona replied calmly.
"Yeah, I knew he was trouble the moment he walked in," said the bartender to gesturing toward Arizona. The crowd that had been gathering at door after hearing the shots parted to admit Mr. Donavan and Doc Anderson. Donavan was a big beefy man of about forty-seven years, who owned most of the town along with a huge cattle ranch outside it. The Doc was an average height and build and wore a gray suit and spectacles. At the age of fifty- two his once brown hair had become a mix of white and gray. The men walked over to the body and Doc Anderson knelt down to check Bill's vitals.
"Is he dead Doc?," Donavan asked. The Doc just nodded.
"Who did it?! Who killed my son?!
"He did Pa, we was playin' poker and he up and shot Bill," Joe said pointing at Arizona. A tall, handsome youth with black hair and piercing blue eyes, dressed in black and sliding his gun back into its holster.
"Somebody go for the Sheriff!" Donavan yelled.
"Sheriff's gone, Donavan, won't be back till morning," said someone in the crowd.
"Well, who needs the Sheriff, we can handle this. Anybody got a rope?," Donavan yelled. With that last question Arizona could almost touch the tension in the saloon. He knew if he didn't do something fast he was gonna be invited to a necktie party he didn't want to attend as the guest of honor. Fast as lightning he drew his guns.
"Don't move, any of you, or they both get it," he said gesturing to Donavan and Joe with his pistols. Everyone froze, quickly Arizona backed out of the back exit and sprinted for his horse. He grabbed the reins, vaulted into the saddle and galloped for the edge of town. Arizona knew that as soon as he left the room, the men would be heading for their horses. If he could just get out of Abilene before they could catch him he knew that Bullet could out run all their mounts. He heard gunshots and bullets whizzed over his head, he saw men on horseback coming to cut him off.
"Come on Bullet!" he yelled and the big black horse sped through the gap between the oncoming riders. Once out on the plain Bullet easily outdistanced the smaller cowponies and after awhile Arizona began to relax. Coyotes howled in the hills nearby and he could see the gray shadow of the mountains under the full moon in the distance. He came to a river just before midnight and decided to set up camp there. Quietly he cooled out Bullet and let him loose to drink and graze. Then he lay down to get some sleep till dawn. At dawn he'd be heading back to Texas and his foreman duties at the Circle K Ranch.