I. Serenity
Shrouded deep in shadowy fearless night,
Hidden pale face housing eyes of steel,
Mind avoiding all attempts to feel.
Battened against dagger, sword and fright,
Floating on the rooftops as would a kite,
His mission braced by absolute zeal:
An order sent without chance to repeal
To the Shogun's unrelenting death-knight.
Complications inside a business pact
Scarred one lord with a terminal brand .
Sent along an inescapable tract,
His fate will find him at one ninja's hand.
II. Silence
The stage is set for the death-toll's peal:
An assassin waits on dizzying height
To spy the moment when most polite:
His prey, alone, had to finish his meal.
The quiet settles around the genteel,
Unaware that this is his last respite,
Unprepared for one finishing fight.
Then, the ninja's patience is repealed.
Behind the daimyo he takes his stand,
Readied to complete the contract.
Composed, katana gripped in gloved hand
He never hesitates as the attack
Releases his target from mortal strand.
With a sigh of breath, the body goes slack.
III. Stealth
His work complete, the ninja must take flight,
But barely is the blade resealed
Before he hears the alarm bells squeal
A concert for a master's faded sight.
He flees the chambers flooded with light,
An expert at movement empyreal
And dances up rough stone to reach the heights,
Surrendering to safety of night.
The deed is done, the price exact
The ninja's mission finished as planned.
The daimyo's guards begin to react
And from his perch the ninja sees firsthand
Commanders by armored soldiers backed.
But linger, he cannot: he flies. As planned.