I have your photograph

In a golden picture frame

Motionless on my desk

Like an unfinished dream

I still notice it

And it still smiles back at me

No matter how you feel about me

Your photograph still reflects

The moment that it captured

That night we stayed after school

And waited for our rides

You shrieked and shouted to stop me

When you saw my camera pointed your way

I wasn't allowed to take a picture

Not for love or money

Your eyes would be red, your smile crooked

You hid your face in defense

I was disappointed

But I took you by surprise

And waited for the last smile you ever gave me

When I told you that I loved you

Before I snapped the photo

You forgave me

And the picture was perfect

Your eyes were chocolate brown

Not a hint of red

Your smile was natural

But taken by surprise

Still somehow I went wrong

And you weren't mine anymore

I could blame anyone but myself

For the way you glared at me when I passed

For the way you wanted me gone

But when I looked at your photograph

An entirely new person stared back

One who didn't cringe at the sound of my name

Whose voice couldn't bring me to tears

Perhaps no one in this world still loves me

But that picture

On my desk, in a golden frame

Will always be happy to see me

And will always be caught up in a romantic moment

Where we belonged together

That was never meant to last