Dare To Love

Unknown joy and a pittering heart
Were never expected from the start
Stolen glances and bashful stares
Accompanied by a heart's forbidden dare

I shut my eyes and try to hide
Across Cloud-Nine I refuse to glide
But your laughter and your grace
Only bring smiles to my face

To turn and run I long to do
But I feel I cannot hide from you
There's been so little time for you to see
Just exactly what I cannot be

Petrified and scared to trust
For you a given chance- a must
My past is hidden, buried low
I pray those secrets you will never know

Can I accept the kindness you give?
Will I be able to let loose and just live?
I feel safe and alive when you are near
Almost unwillingly, to my heart you are dear

I'll take the chance, I'll make the leap
Even if in the end my sorrows I do reap
Awake or asleep you seem to be on my mind
Just this once- love, I'm willing to find