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Such a thing should not bother the mind of a 22 year old girl in her day to day thoughts. Her focus should be on the next good party coming up, or if she can get that latest pair of shoes she saw in the shop window the other day. But yet, there it was, the focus of her waking attention and sub- conscious dreams.

Although she would not admit it out loud, all that knew her well enough were well aware of her obsession with the subject. How she longed for a relationship with soppy background music, chauvinistic treatment and dramatic backdrops. Her love for movies like "Breakfast at Tiffanies" and books by Danielle Steel were what kept her mind clear and at ease.

And this is where she was found. Sitting in the wicker chair by the window, her legs up on the window seat and her head resting against the pillow. Her book was flopped open 3 quarters of the way on her lap, her right forefinger scanning along the page as she read, the light from the lamp behind her substituting the lack of natural sunlight.

"Bloody hell, not again? Oh Cora, do tell the latest adventures of Sir Pompous Bulgy-Pants and Lady No-knickers."

Cora Jenson laughed softly, but did not look up from her book. "Mock all you want, but at least I have supplied myself with a good source of dramatic material - unlike some people I know." She said, turning the page.

Summer Brady, best friend and housemate of Cora's, laughed and began looking around the living room. "For your big fat information, I actually do have an intellectual source of drama that serves me quite well." She said, upturning cushions on the sofa.

Cora snorted. "The Bold and Beautiful is intellectual?" she asked.

"Its eye candy, and that's all that counts. And where the hell is my handbag?" she yelled, throwing her hands up in frustration.

"In your room." Cora said, her tone exasperated.

Summer ran over to her and kissed her cheek long and hard, ending with a 'Mwah' sound. "I love you. Remind me to buy you a whole box of Gillian Chocolate Seashells next pay day!" she called, running out of the room and down the hall.

Cora laughed and finally looked up from her book, taking a glance around the living room of their flat.

Summer and Cora had been best friends ever since they met in year 7. They had always made plans to move in together when they got enough money up, had secure jobs and got their lives on track. And now, at 22, they seemed to finally getting things together.

Their flat was not extravagant, nor was it dingy and small. It was big enough for the two of them, possible maybe one day even a third. Probably the best part about the entire apartment was the view. It was just overlooking the beach if the weather was right. There was a small square of ocean and sand that could bee seen from their second story between two other houses on the road opposite. Cora loved to sit at the window in the summer months, just like tonight. The air was warm, but not humid. It was very comfortable.

"Ah, found them! Cant function properly without my fags."

Cora looked up as Summer entered the room, her nose in her bag as she rummaged through it.

"Maybe if you quit, you wouldn't have the constant hassle of looking for the stupid things every half hour." Cora said, opening a window for her friend.

Summer smiled and pulled a carton of Longbeach's out of her handbag. "Yeah well," she said, tossing her bag aside and opening the packet with a flick ", that would be the sensible thing to do, now wouldn't it?" she said, giving Cora a smile.

Cora watched as Summer put a cigarette between her lips and lit the end of it with her novelty lighter. Sometimes, Cora mused on the saying 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful', in circumstances like this. Because yes, it did apply to her best friend. And yes, because Summer was beautiful.

And not just on the outside, but who was Cora to deny that as well? Summer had long, light brown hair that fell just below her shoulders in wavy ringlets. Her figure was very well cared for and formed; personifying what fitness should look like. When she walked, it was always with a purpose. Her posture was confident and her talking was fast and excited.

But Summer also had a wonderful heart. Greater than anyone Cora knew in fact. She was always there for Cora, even if she felt her problems insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Summer was one of those people who donated at least 5 dollars to ever charity, and 20 dollars at Easter for the children's hospital.

She was, in almost every way to Cora, totally perfect.

"Do I have an unsightly wart on my nose?"

Cora jumped, zoning back into reality as she gazed up at Summer's smiling face. "What?"

"You're staring at me like I'm Quasimodo himself. Do I have a blemish? A pimple? A small crater of aliens making nest in my skin?" Summer laughed, taking a puff of her smoke.

Cora rolled her eyes and marked her page in her book. "Maybe I just trying to figure out how on earth you came to be my best friend in the world." She said, getting up and walking around, turning on lamps.

"If I recall, it was because we were the only two loners in maths and found no-one else to sit next to but each other." Summer said, smiling and staring into space as she recalled the memory.

Cora smiled and nodded. "Friends out of convenience." She said.

Summer laughed, blew smoke out of her nose and blew a kiss at Cora. "Well, it was the best times of my life. Well you know, besides the whole learning maths thing that unfortunately came with it." She added, putting her smoke out in the ashtray near the window.

Cora waved smoke away from her and frowned. "Wish I had gotten to you sooner. Then maybe I could have stopped you doing this." She said, rolling her eyes at the smoke rising to the ceiling.

Summer simply smiled and shrugged carelessly. She sighed dramatically, making a loud sound effect to add emphasis and checked the clock above the television. "Well, the night is young, we seem to apparently be quite unfortunately sober and there is a man called Jack Daniels calling my name." She said, rubbing her hands together.

Cora walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge, examining its contents. "It's almost eleven thirty." Cora chuckled, pulling out a day old piece of cake.

"Yes! Perfect time to start making our way to Metro." She said enthusiastically, doing a small jig on the spot.

Cora pulled a plate down form the cupboard and sniffed in amusement, collecting a fork from the drawer. "Running off to another boinkfest?" she asked, taking a bite of her cake.

Summer smiled and ran to the nearest mirror, instantly starting up her preening ritual of her hair. "No, did you you not hear what I said? I said 'Our'. That's a plural dear Cora, which means you are coming with me."

Cora choked on her cake and looked at Summer, her eyes wide. "Oh no. No, I'm just going to um, spend the night in." she stuttered, putting her cake down on the bench top.

Summer's smile grew, but she did not take her eyes off the mirror. "Cora, you can't sit at home every Friday night like a wrinkly, bowl-incompetent spinster with your nose stuck in those bloody books." She said, her tone now loosing its amusement. "You're 22 for Christ's sake! Get out, get pissed and have fun!"

"I do have fun! Just because I don't drink grog like its going out of fashion doesn't mean I don't have a good time." Cora retorted, feeling rather annoyed. She and Summer had had this argument a lot in the past, always with the same conclusion.

"Cora, please? You know I won't have any fun if you're not there." Summer pleaded. She ignored Cora muttering under her breath what sounded a lot like 'Liar' and turned away from the mirror, giving her best friend a look. "Please? Metro's having a special on cocktails and there's a two for one deal for entry prices and."

"All right!" Cora caved, throwing her arms up. "All right, I'll fucking go." She said, her tone defeated.

Summer let out a squeal, ran over and threw her arms around Cora, planting a kiss on her forehead. "Thank you. I owe you." She said and ran out of the room once more.

As soon as she was out of sight, Cora slapped a hand over her eyes and let out a groan. 'Urgh, why oh why do I do this every time?' She thought, making her way to the bathroom. "Give me an hour!" she called just as she was about to shut the door.

She snapped it shut as Summer's answer rang from her bedroom, flicked on the light and began to undress. Peeling off her clothing slowly, she caught her reflection out of the corner of her eye. Looking at it, she immediately cringed.

Cora hated her reflection. Loather everything about herself. Her body, a good plump 75 kilo's, was not the ideal body she wished to possess. Her black hair was unusable, never doing anything she wanted it to but fall dead straight down to her shoulders. Her tan was faded, her few pimples were ugly.

But the one part about herself that she did admit to liking was her eyes.

One green, one blue.

No longer wishing to stare at her horrible physique any longer than she had to, Cora gave herself one final glare, before stepping out of range of the mirror and turning on the taps of the shower.


Cora ran her finger around the edge of her bottle, unadmittedly enjoying the thump of the base as it vibrated through the floor and up her leg. She recoiled into her seat a little more as a couple walked past, their hands linked and their heads probably closer together than natural. Cora resisted the urge to roll her eyes at them.

She cast her glance out onto the dance floor, squinting into the dimness of the club. She didn't mind the music all that much. She wasn't the huge priss that some people made her out to be. But, she would be damned if she was going to get up and dance.

Cora spotted Summer after a few moments of searching; the neon stick shoved through Summer's hair was good enough indication. She was dancing with a group of girls she knew from University, all of them moving like experts. Like they didn't even notice all the guys watching them from the sidelines.although Cora knew they did.

Summer seemed to have seen her watching, for she smiled over at Cora, dragged herself away from her dancing friends and moved through the sea of bodies to get to her.

"Come on. Get up and have a spin with me." Summer said over the music, taking Cora's hand.

Cora smiled and shook her head. "No, thanks anyway. You just go and dance." She said, resisting against Summer's relentless pulling. "Go on. I think that bloke Jason wants in your pants already." She said, nodding in the direction of a guy standing on the outskirts of the floor.

Summer laughed, rolled her eyes and released Cora's hand. "Stubborn bitch. Someday, you shall bend to my will." She called, heading back towards the dance floor.

Cora simply laughed and waved her off, feeling much more comfortable now that the pressure to dance in a room full of people was off her shoulders. Dismissing the feeling, she cast her vision back out into the crowd.

Now this was not the place for romance at all. Mostly it was full of sexually charged, half intoxicated young adults who seemed to find nothing better to do with their time but dress in clothing two sizes to small for them, get utterly drunk and try and get in the pants of anyone of the opposite sex. It made Cora feel sick to think about the pettiness of some people.

But still, there were the occasional couple who only had eyes for each other. Who didn't maul each others faces in sloppy, tongue-driven kisses and who didn't feel the need to rub up against each other as if having an intense itch all over their front, especially their private parts.

Some couples would simply dance with each other. Close, connected.but not bordering on molestation and indecent exposure. Couples who would slow dance with their hands linked, their noses touching and their kisses tender and slow. Their expressions when they looked at each other were.

"Hey there."

Cora jumped as the voice in her ear brought her back to reality like a cold shower. She looked to her left to see a guy sitting next to her, a smile on his face. "Mind if I sit here?" he asked.

Cora shook her head. "No, go for it." She said, turning away from him once more.

She figured that was it. That he was simply looking for room for him and his anonyms girlfriend to sit. But, moments later, she could still feel his gaze on her.

She turned to look at him again and noticed that yes, he was still stealing glances at her. Pushing away the creepy feeling of discomfort at being paid so much attention, she frowned. "Can I help you with something?" she asked, trying not to sound rude.

He looked at her properly and smiled, exposing his teeth. "You're Summer's friend, right?" he asked, pointing to the figure that was her best friend, lost somewhere in the crowd.

Cora sighed. He had come to ask her about Summer. "Yes, I'm her roommate." She replied, feeling a little put out.

He nodded, gave Summer a quick glance and then looked back at Cora. "I know her from Uni. Well, not very well. We're more acquaintances that actual friends." He said, striking up conversation.

Cora nodded and gave a weak smile, turning away from him again as she took a sip of her drink.

"I don't think I've seen you here before though." He said, turning a little to get a better look at her. "Why's that?"

Cora sighed, figuring she wouldn't get out of this as easily as she thought. "I'm reluctant to come with Summer when she decides to come here. I'm not terribly into the whole club scene as it stands." She said, hoping to sound boring enough to get him to leave.

But he laughed and nodded. "Yeah? My friend Marty makes me come every week too. Well, 'Make' is a strong exaggeration. More like convinces me easily with money and promises of free drinks." He said, chuckling at himself.

Cora forced a small laugh and remained silent. She didn't know why he hadn't left yet. What was so interesting about her that seemed to keep him around, she wondered. Not that having this guy next to her was a total bust.

He was rather good looking, but not the most gorgeous man in the world. His face was a pale one with a boy-ish, innocent charm about it which made him look quite handsome. He had pale, blue eyes for what she could tell and his hair, longer than average and falling over his face, was red.

"Speaking of free drinks.you want one?" he asked, making to stand up.

Cora smiled and held up her half finished Breezer. "No thanks. I'm good." She said.

He nodded and made himself comfortable once more. "Well, I'm Noah by the way." He said, holding out his hand for her to shake.

Cora smile and took it. "Cora." She said.

Noah gave her another smile, shook her hand friendlily for a moment and then released it. He nodded his head towards her withdrawn hand. "Nice warm hands." He said.

Cora snorted. "Helps in winter somewhat, but it's a royal pain in the ass when they sweat like mad." She said, sharing a laugh with him.

The pair continued to pass over general conversation for the next ten minutes, chewing over various subjects as the weather, where they worked and where their respective lives were taking them on future prospects.

"Disability work eh? Bet that can be challenging." Noah said, leaning forward with obvious keen interest in what Cora had to say.

She nodded and took another sip of her drink. "Yeah, but that's why I love it. The people are so wonderful. It can be really hard.but the rewards outweigh the efforts." She said, a spark of passion flickering through her eyes.

"You must have the patience of a saint, sticking around all this time." He said after a short pause.

Cora shrugged. "Its not that bad you know. People with disabilities really are no different than everyone else." She said.

Noah gave her a smile. "I was talking about me actually."

Cora blinked. "Oh."

"Not to worry, just an arrogant moment of self pity. Most girls would have told me to bugger off by now." He said, giving the room a quick glance.

Cora began bobbing her head along with the song as it changed to one she was particularly fond of. "Why's that?" she queried. She was quite enjoying him company now that she was over the shock of even being approached by someone this good looking.

Noah smiled and began fiddling with the silver ring on his left forefinger. "Usual protocol isn't it? Kiss me, take me home to shag.or leave me alone for someone who will." He said in amusement.

Cora laughed and nodded. "Seems a bit that way, doesn't it?" she agreed, toying with her empty bottle. "Bit still, admittedly it's not all like that here. Some people just come for the music." She said, finding Summer in the crowd once more.

Noah nodded, giving Cora what was probably the 50th once-over in the past six minutes. She was not like other girls he had tried to chat up in the past. For one, she seemed totally unaware of his keen interest in her.


Noah jumped as he realized Cora was talking to him again. "Sorry, what?" he asked, frowning a little.

"I asked you what the time was." She said, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh. Er, just past one thirty." He said, checking his watch.

Cora nodded, put her drink down on the floor and began preening herself a little. "Well, I hope you don't mind but.I've got work tomorrow. Early shift you know." She said standing up.

Noah looked up with horror as she began to leave. "Wait!" he called, jumping out of his seat. "Could I um, possibly see you again sometime?" he asked. He really didn't want her to leave so soon.

Cora looked at him with apprehension as she pulled her jacket on. "Oh, I don't.'

"It's just - we didn't get all that much time tonight. I want to see you again." He said, trying not to sound too eager.

Cora felt her stomach clench. 'Wants to see me again? What on earth for?' She wondered, watching his face. She sighed and nodded. "Sure. Um, here's my phone number." She said, taking a pen out of her bag.

Her hand was shaking the entire time as she wrote her number down on a napkin. She had never done this before. She had never been in this situation. Someone wanting to see her again? It was bizarre.

"Thanks." Noah said, pocketing the napkin in his pocket. "So, I'll give you a ring then?" he asked.

Cora smiled and nodded. "See you." She said, holding out her hand once more. She felt a tingle as he shook her hand with a smile.

She hitched her bag up under her arm and walked off to tell Summer she was heading home, feeling his eyes following her the entire time.


It was well past four in the morning when Cora felt the weight of her bed shift a little, followed by the smell of alcohol behind her and an arm wrapped around her stomach. Summer was lying behind her as Cora relaxed on her side, listening to the cars rolling past outside.

"Mmmm, morning." Summer muttered, snuggling into Cora's back.

Cora smiled and softly scratched Summer's forearm around her waist. "Have a good time?" she asked, her voice croaky from half-slumber.

"Picked up." Summer mumbled, exhaustion in her tone.

Cora smiled as Summer kissed her shoulder. 'Was he heavy?" she asked.

Summer shuddered a little in silent laughter, but only replied with a grunt like 'Hmm."

Cora was still wide awake as Summer's breathing deepened, indicating she had dozed off. Her mind was focused on the face of the man she had met tonight. His perfectly white teeth, his pale blue eyes.like ice, and oh, that red hair.

Trying not to get worked up about a man she was most likely never to hear from again, Cora emptied her head off all things, focusing on the sounds of Summer's breathing behind her.

And eventually, found herself much in the same state of slumber.


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