Hey everyone!

I have tired and tried to put this off for as long as I could, but I'm afraid I can't do it any longer. And even though it pains me to say it, I owe it to you all.

This story is on hiatus until further notice.

Urgh, even writing it is horrible. But my motivation for this story seems to have completely left me for dead. Now, don't get my wrong, I still love this story and I have every intent on finishing it. I just can't get into the swing of it, and because of that I feel a break is in order. I would rather to take the time to recharge and give you good quality chapters, and a good quality ending, than force myself and give you mediocre work. You guys deserve more than that.

Again, I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, and I really do apologize. Just know that I am not abandoning this story, just taking a break!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.