Authors note: Hi! This is my first ever attempt of a story for fun. The only other stories I've written are the ones for school assessment. But now I've just finished school and this is my attempt to write something to fill the new void in my life. Thanks for reading ~ Katie.

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'Anyway, I have to go. Talk 2 u soon. Love u'

'bye. Miss u.'

As soon as he had left I missed him. I shouldn't have been feeling things like the way I felt for him. I hadn't even met him. He was one of my closest friends. We started chatting over a year ago. I bored and with nothing better to do than surf the net, decided to go to a chat room. We met, and talk nearly every day since. It's like the weirdest relationship ever. If anything interesting happens to me I feel like I should tell him and store it in a part of my mind. It's kinda wrong of me to feel this way about him. I'm a sixteen-year-old girl who has never been kissed. I'm like the oldest kissing-virgin ever. Well except hard-core nuns. but they don't count. My best friend doesn't approve of our .association. Should I just stop talking to him?

Problems of the heart are not as important as food right now. I'm debating whether I should remove myself from this computer so go in search of lunch. considering its now quarter past three I think its nearly time for dinner. My procrastinating skills are amazingly amazing. I think that's a great talent of mine. The ability to make new words by just adding -ly and -ness or dis- or un- to the front. Like dis-enjoy and fantasticness. Quick trip to the kitchen to get some Milo cereal. I am addicted to this stuff. Actually, anything Milo product I seem to be addicted to.

So wasn't that a nice introduction into my thoughts? I'm in love with what might possibly be an 86-year-old man and I cant stop eating Milo products. What a sad soul I am.

Enough of lowering the low self-esteem. Got to get ready for my blind date. Yes. how pathetic is that. My so-called friends have taken my datelessness into their hands and are trying to fix me up. This sounds really pathetic. because it is. Did they ever stop to think that my singleness isn't because I am hopeless when it comes to members of the opposite sex but maybe its because I choose to be? I think they are right. It's less than two weeks till I'm 17 and I've never been anything else but single. So walking over to my closet.. Nothing to wear. and i'm not being like typically girly when I say that. I really have nothing to wear. That is my fault to.parents decided I needed to take more responsibility for my actions, so now I do all my own washing, cleaning and cooking, and now look where that's landed me. Here.with nothing to wear to somewhere I don't want to go. Enough complaining. Why is it that whenever I switch on the radio one of my favourite songs is on?

'Cause I miss you, body and soul so strong that it takes my breath away And I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today
'Cause I love you, whether it's wrong or right
And though I can't be with you tonight
You know my heart is by your side Maybe that's like a sign. I'm going to get ready and I'm going to have fun. I just hope this doesn't make me want to get revenge on my 'friends'.

***Thats the end of the first installment. Please review so I have some idea of how to continue or of what to change.Thanks ~ Katie. PS. The song was part of Daniel Bedingfield's If you're not the one.. I love that song.