For a second
Things are perfect
Light fades behind the trees
And us, the prime of earth,
Awash in light a golden yellow
While all around us there is nothing
And nothing, as always, is perfect
Like always is perfect
Her voice is warm and cold
Ice in tea
She laughs and smiles
And reassures me
I look at her and I see a goddess
If she were a deity, I'd pray to her
I trust her that much
With my life
With the world
With the universe
She is everything
One step away from invincible
Well, now she is
At that time
She was invincible
Nothing can defeat Katrina Eschner
Except scorn
'Hell hath no fury like woman scorned'
Or was it told differently ?
I wouldn't know
Trina of the ocean eyes would
Ocean eyes and fire hair
She runs, flees, like the wind
The sound, the call, her name
Barely left my lips afore I hear the sound
Metal against her backbone
It's magic, I think later
Just like magic
The mighty girl afore me, running, free
Another moment, far away,
Upon the ground, away from me
No longer strong
This girl I want to be
Twitching, never motionless until
They took her far away
O'er the hills
She's gone from me
I can not feel her
But I feel the numbness
inside of me
He who questions
Comes and asks
He who questions
Comes to pass
I see her, stretched out on cloth made from reality
Pure, unbleached reality
Is it one hundred percent cotton
Or fifty percent polyester ?
I ask myself now
Probably cotton
Reality is always in troublesome things
like cotton
I see her eyes
I feel her skin
Cold and rigid
She is not invincible
And if she is not
Then what could I be ?
Then I realize that I am nothing
I could never be Trina of the ocean eyes and fire hair
I am me
A part of reality
One hundred percent cotton
Trina is ten percent acrylic
Fifty percent polyester
Embroidered in red silk
Trina is everything
She's all, and everywhere
They ask me
Worried faces
But they don't care
They are nothing
Cheap nasty wool that's been left in the rain
To stink
They exude a scent
Of disgusting false truth
And honest dishonesty
Is that an oxymoron ?
What is an oxymoron ?
Trina of the ocean eyes and fire hair would know
But Trina cannot answer
She tries but fails
Because Trina's reigns in the world of dreams now
Where I can not reach her
Because I am one hundred percent cotton
And I am reality
I am me