By Leslie Smith

Before they can claim their rightful place on Olympus they must first make it through High School.

Paris' Decision

Aphrodite walked with a confident strut up to Pantheon High School. She tossed the long locks of her pale hair over her shoulder and gave a seductive smile to the Satyr's who gathered around the large Doric columns every morning before classes started. One particularly obnoxious Satyr with one horn twisted, one badly chipped and curly brown hair on his skinny goat legs whistled to her.
"Hey baby, did it hurt?"
"Did what hurt?" asked Aphrodite, raising an elegantly shaped eyebrow. The little half goat tried to suck in his potbelly and said in a sappy voice,
"When you fell from Olympus, did it hurt?" His friends laughed and cheered and exchanged manly punches. Aphrodite found no pleasure in the cheesy pick up line, merely rolled her eyes.
"Keep dreaming goat boy," she walked past them as one of the Satyrs with auburn hair suggested they go spy the Nymphs practice their new cheer.

Once inside the school, Aphrodite looked through the crowd of demi gods for her three closest friends. Athena, Hera, and Artemis. The three goddesses were waiting for her next to their lockers. Artemis was dressed in her usual torn jeans and her blue and silver lettermen jacket she got for playing archery. Her red hair was up in a high ponytail, leaving little ringlets to frame her face. The poor girl was stuck in between Athena and Hera, who argued over which one was the prettier.
"I don't care what you say, my butt is much smaller that yours." Hera stated crossing her arms over her chest. Athena rolled her eyes and took the same stance.
"My butt may be bigger, but at least my."
"Ladies, stop it," Aphrodite demanded. "I don't know why you continue to argue, because every one in school knows I am the prettiest." Both Athena and Hera gasped and looked at her like she had lost her mind. Artemis threw her hands up in disgust.
"I'm out of here before this gets ugly. I have to go find Apollo and tell him to leave that Daphne chick alone. She's going to press charges on him. Last night he sang outside her bedroom window. Sometimes I worry about that boy." Artemis' comment went unnoticed. Athena and Hera were still scowling at Aphrodite.
"Well then lets settle this once and for all," Hera suggested grabbing a hold of the first guy that past her. The young man looked at the goddesses through coke bottle glasses, blushed and stared down at his shoes. "What's your name?" Hera asked.
"Can I ask you a question Paris? Which one of us do you think is prettier?"
Paris turned a darker shade of cherry red. He flashed a toothy smile and chewed nervously on his bottom lip. Hera leaned over to whispered in his ear.
"Pick me and I will make you rich." Paris' eyes grew wide at the thought.
Athena growled at her and leaned over to give a proposition of her own,
"Pick me and I will talk to the quarterback about getting you a place on the football team. Ares owes me a favor. " Paris his eyes grew to the size of his overly large glasses.
Aphrodite shook her head at the other goddess's sad attempts to sway his vote. She opened her locker and took out a small photo of her friend Helen who attended school in Sparta. She held up the picture inches in front of his face.
"If you pick me, I can set you up with her." Paris' jaw dropped when her say the fair Helen. He smiled up at Aphrodite.
"You're the prettiest." He said with a kind of goofy giggle. He snatched the picture from her hand and walked off. "See girls, I told you. I am the prettiest."
Both Athena and Hera shot her loaded stares. The bell rang, a quick electric buzz signaling the start of classes.
"This means nothing." Athena and Hera wined simultaneously. Aphrodite flipped her hair as she walked away from them.

The Foreign Exchange Student

Aphrodite sat down in her home economic class. The other students were rowdy this morning. Some constructing paper airplanes and letting them take flight. Ms. Hestia the teacher cleared her throat and called for silence.
"Class, we have a new student joining us today. She's come all the way from Rome. Her name is Venus." The new girl, smiled to the other kids. Aphrodite ground her teeth in frustration. She had blonde hair, shorter, curlier, and blonder than Aphrodite's, her eyes were brighter blue and there was a teeny tiny dimple in her left cheek. She was too pretty for her own good Aphrodite decided.
Aphrodite tightened her grip on her pencil; the wood splintered easily in her palm sending lighting bolts of pain running through her hand. Ms. Hestia motioned for Venus to take a seat. The only seat available was next to Aphrodite.
"Hi," Venus said to her as she sat down.
"Hi," Aphrodite replied curtly.
"What's your name?" Asked Venus in a fake friendly kind of way. She smiled big, showing off that silly little dimple.
"Aphrodite, Goddess of Love," she said as though it were a ridiculous question. In the seat behind Venus, Hermes passed her a note. Aphrodite's eyes drifter over to read Hermes' scratchy writing.
Want to go out sometime?
Venus wrote back in elegant rolling letters. Sure.
Aphrodite saw red. The stupid little girl shows up and in one day guys were practically throwing themselves at her. It just wasn't fare. She would make this girls life so miserable she would run back to Rome with her tail between her legs and her expensive mascara smeared.