"Love hurts"

My head is so unclear
I don't know what's wrong
Ever since, I've been talking
To you, I've been ever so sick

My stomachs doing flips,
Every time you say those words,
I thought it was just some fun,
But now it's gotten worse,

I love talking to you
As your so nice and
Like me, coz I'm not
Perfect and the true fantasy.

At first it was a joke
But now it's gotten serious,
Coz I'm in, way over my head,
And know how much this hurts,

The first time I talked to you,
I never dreamed it would go this far,
And feel like this, I'm so
Worried, I hope you see,

I wake up and feel,
Sick to my stomach, thinking
Maybe it's something I ate or
I'm worried for a test

But now I finally see,
What's really gotten to me,
It's not something I ate,
Or even a stupid test,

It's my feelings for you
I realise that now,
I love you and all
These feelings are just new,

They really mean it,
When they say
"Love hurts"
And now I know it's true