Miserable IB





Oh, how miserable I be

Because I'm in IB

Another slash course

On the long road

Along the Red Sea…


Time, work, and effort

This be the IB creed

A plus B always equals C

Where work takes over

And no more sociality


Once cherished hobbies

Now ever so analyzed

Color, texture, and balance

Will I ever find

What was so fun about it?


Good to know some history

When it's not too in depth

Nice to know some literature

Until it's torn apart

To the spine of the book


Wonder how easy math would be

If it weren't for all those

Letters, symbols, and numbers

And how bio can be fun

When the teach. isn't a lab nazi


Foreign language is always fun

When orals and dictations make sense

Or a sixth subject of your choice

Exciting and electrifying

Until 40 more pages are due


Burr shot the Hamilton dude

And cells create the body

We all aprendemos algo español

Or learn a little French

From some Spanish teacher


Soak your feet in some dirt

P multiplied by any number

Equals P times whatever

And Hemingway loved writing

About people he'd encountered


Is this all relevant in life?

BS is all one learns to do

When everything is due

All on the same day

And tests are in the same week


Will it all end soon?

Or has it just begun?

Will I survive this hell?

And will I actually

Gain something from IB?


I be that lame-faced loser

The idiot who did IB

I may not show it, you see

Oh, how miserable I be

Because I'm in IB…