I love you more than words can say
but I don't know how I feel
I can't decipher these emotions inside of me
Do I really want to?
Do I want to realize that maybe this is wrong?
That maybe we have no chance?
That maybe we aren't meant to be
That maybe all this fighting is a sign
A sign that we can never last
We didn't really expect to
Did we?
Did I actually believe we could win?
That we weren't invincible?
That we only needed each other?
What was I thinking?
I'm smarter than that, aren't I?
Or am I merely blinded by your love?
Is that what love really is?
Losing your mind and all your senses?
Trusting only in your heart?
Because my heart believes we can work
It's only my brain that doesn't
My heart can't remember anything but you
and how I feel wrapped in your arms
I want so badly to believe my heart
and to forget all these worrisome thoughts
because I love you so much
and I don't want to lose you
but I don't want to be hurt again
I've felt this all before
and I followed my heart
and it ended in tears
and I don't want to relive that experience
but I love you so very much
and I want to feel like this forever
but does forever even exist?
Maybe it doesn't, but I'm willing to find out
I'm willing to risk it all
and take a chance
because I love you so very much