You by writerforever

Sometimes I'm saddened by the choices I make

I've cried so many tears

I've been broken inside because of the mistakes I make

Because of the things I do that go against You

But no matter what I do

No matter where I may stray

You take me back despite my sins

You wrap Your loving arms around me

And Your love surrounds me

You forgive me

You show me you'd never leave me all alone

And You show me even though I strayed

Even though I sinned that You and I were never apart

That You were always there through it all

You lift me up when I am down

You fill my soul with joy when I am sad

You love me despite my mistakes and faults

Oh how amazing Your love is!

I am unworthy Jesus

I am unworthy to have You in my heart

I will forever praise You

For You deserve every word of praise that I utter

And You deserve so much more

I love You, Jesus because You first loved me

Thank You, Jesus!