Original Date: 2-14-2002


I walked on the platform with common misconceptions. I wasn't scared, only nervous. As the train approached, random thoughts crossed my wavering mind. I mounted the train along with my friend, who rushed into the last compartment.

I sat on an isolated seat, away from the passengers, their wide open eyes following me.
I could sense their changing looks.

While I was recalling my dream from the previous night, a tall, dark man with a white beard came and sat in front of me. He said nothing; only looked at me through his thick glasses. I tried not to stare but couldn't noticing his torn pants and scuffed boots. I could see through his torn sweater. I feared that he might talk with me or rob me, for his mouth was slightly open and his eyes were piercing through mine and getting acquainted with my fears.

He tightened his visual grasp over me and came closer. I moved back slowly, scared. I didn't know what he wanted. All I wanted was for him to stop. He came closer and rose. I held the seat tight as he reached into his pocket. He smiled and said, "What time is it?"

Written while in High School (RHS)