From the memoirs of Shino Megami, "The Shinohon"

May 19, 2000 B.C.

Egypt. What a lovely place. I loved the three thousand years I'd spent there, although I'd been
taken hostage by an immortal even older than I and put into bondage, forced to work for him, and
raped by the commander-in-chief of his imperial army. The commander got what was coming to him.
The crystalline waters of the sacred Nile swallowed him as easily as the crocodiles that had
gladly devoured his flesh. Everyone gets what they deserve, sometimes more, sometimes less. Some
go through countless Hells before they reach adulthood. There are so many to choose from. I guess
my soul chose the Hell of Immortality, and all the baggage that came with it. But not Ra, no, not
Ra. He'd had it much easier than I. He had no baggage weighing down on him. No memories of death,
destruction, and carnage to cloud his crystal-clear karma. Perhaps that is why I fell for him.
Such brutality masked by catlike grace and innocence, wrapped into one ridiculously beautiful man.
His raven-black hair and those penetrating, chocolate eyes held me captive long before his chains
touched my skin. His face had an aura of mysteries uncovered for thousands of years. I was half his
age. Perhaps that is another factor that added to the addiction. I know he can hurt me. He could
give me pain overlapping pain, and tortures beyond mortal realization. Risks. Such wonderful things.
I like taking risks. Especially if my life is at stake. A fatal mistake could get me what I want.
Insane? No. Just ready to move on. I can't tell you how nice it would be to die, even in agony. I
deserve every agony coming to me. I deserve all the suffering and pain imaginable. Yet I have found
no one to live up to my standards of excellence and give me pain except Ra and my only son, Kashaku,
but I know that neither one are going to. I can feel many more millennia before my death, and my
rebirth. The rebirth is rumoured to be the end of the earth realm if my negative counterpart escapes
her imprisonment. Hopefully, she won't. Then again, I have no more hopes. I don't want to be the one
who destroys the earth realm. I know now what I must do. I must destroy her, even if it means that I
am killed in the process. That way, we cannot reform and she will be forced to do it herself without
a living host. She doesn't have the power of reformation. I do. And I have separated us for eternity.
I can only hope that is enough. I am afraid. For once in my life, I am afraid. I'm afraid that even
I can't stop her, and the only one who can is Kashaku. I can only hope that he is strong enough. I
will give him the power needed when the time comes. I hope I'm not too late. Only time can tell. And I
hope I can keep her away from Kei and everyone else. If I don't, the entire Taizen bloodline may be
obliterated, and possibly I with it. As I said before, she must be annihilated, and fast...but how?
I leave that dilemma for when the time comes. I will know then. I just wish I would never have destroyed
Kei's life...but it was for his own day he will understand. Until then, I will continue to
weep these invisible tears. One day...they will day...