Trying to find a place to rest

Finding a place to lay my head

I need you to help me

Carry these wings of lead

Just amputate them

Or shoot me, because I am lame

A field of gravestones

All have my name

How many times have I died?

How many times have you killed me?

How many times will I have to decide?

To kill myself inside?

I'm staring through the window

Too fogged for me to see you

I can only see warm lights glowing within

There is a seal

It has all passed, I hope

Its all too faint, or I'm just to numb to feel

I hear wounds sizzling with peroxide

I hear children, commiting suicide

I hear wings of lead dragging along the floor

Never leaving, or taking flight

They never will…

I bathe myself in peroxide

I am one big, gaping wound

I call out, to whoever may have their ears

Pressed against the window

There will be help soon

One by one, they fall asleep in the snow

Frozen faces in dismay

Their horrific dreams fill my head

I clip my own wings of lead

Put peroxide in the wounds

Writhe as it starts to burn

I twist and turn

My insides begin to churn

I am my own parasite, living off myself

Infecting myself

I am my own sickness

Creating my own hell

One by one, they fall asleep in the snow

I sprinkle peroxide on their frozen features

They melt away to nothing

They are nothing

Their dreams are nothing.