Can you look me into my eyes
and honestly tell me you love me?
Is it all just one big lie?
I used to believe you
like an innocence child
mindlessly basking in the lies you fed me
but I think I've been stripped of that innocence
I think you stole it from me
the moment you lied to me
just to get me to stay the night
You can't just look at me with those puppy dog eyes
and expect me to forget what you did
I can forgive you so easily and you know it too
because I love you more than anything
but I can't forget this pain you caused
All those lonely nights I spent
with my tears and regrets
I just can't believe you lied
I trusted you so much and betrayed me
You robbed me of my innocent thoughts and childish dreams
Without giving it a second thought and then you just disappeared
The moment you got what you wanted you disappeared
and left me all alone with my tears as my sole comfort
during all those lonely nights
So just look at me directly in my eyes
and tell me you love me
You can't, can you?
because it was all one big lie