Breaking Souls

"One these days Lord Calvin, on of the souls you intend to bend and break to your will is going to break you first!" A woman's voice shouted in the
slumbering mind of a young man.

"Remus get up!" a male voice rich with a British accent shouted angrily.
The sleeping the boy groaned and rolled over. He pulled the dark green covers over his blond hair, burring his face into his dark green pillow.

"Get the hell up Hunter!" Remus yelped as the person bothering his slumber ripped the covers off his body. He instantly curled into a ball, the cold
air hitting his previously warm body.

"Get your bloody blonde ass up Hunter!" The person groaned with

Remus quickly flipped in his bed, his left hand instantly wrapping around
the other person's throat.

"Dear god Remus! Calm down!" Remus glared at the raven haired boy through
narrowed eyes.

"Don't you dare do that again Adrian!" Remus spat at him, his voice dripping with venom. Adrian nodded, his crystal blue eyes filled with fear.

"Can you please let me go now?" Adrian chocked out, his normally mellow voice hoarse. Remus tightened his grip on Adrian's neck, making the other boy gasp. Remus snorted and let go of his throat. He lay back down on his

Adrian rubbed his slightly red neck, "God! What is wrong with you!?" He
asked his voice slightly hoarse still.

Remus rolled onto his side, his tee shirt clad back facing Adrian. "Go to
hell." He muttered.

Adrian rolled his eyes, "Blondes!" He muttered under his breath. Before
Remus could respond to the insult, Adrian was out of the room.

Remus rolled onto his back. He rubbed his sleep filled eyes, blinking them
a few times. He gazed up at the ceiling, though it was blurred, and the
lights out, he could see the ceiling.

That was one reason he was so good at his job, he could see in the dark
almost as well as he could in broad day light.

The blonde hair boy lazily looked over at his alarm clock, on his bed side table. Though his vision was blurred, he could make out that the red digits
were flashing 8:45 pm. Remus groaned and ran a hand through his hair.

He climbed out of his bed, and sleepily walked towards the bathroom door.
He tripped a few times over unidentified objects, and his own feet.

He groped the wall, searching for the light switch. He flicked it on after
finding it. He walked over to the sink and leaned against it lazily.

He gazed tiredly at his reflection; his shoulder length blonde hair was
tousled, like a tornado had passed through.

Remus yawned and filled the sink up with cool water, washing his face. After shaving, he put contacts in his golden eyes. "Why the hell are they
gold again..." he muttered to himself.

He walked out of the bathroom, back into his bedroom. Remus glanced at his
alarm clock; it read 8:54 pm. "Shit!" He cursed.

Remus struggled, trying to pull off his white shirt. He stumbled backwards,
knocking into his dresser. The dresser rocked back into the wall, then
rocked forwards when Remus stumbled forwards.

After getting his shirt off, Remus dug through his dresser, looking for a shirt to wear. "Damn it!" He kicked the dresser and looked around his room.
He spotted the shirt he was looking for on a chair, across the room.

Remus climbed onto his bed, falling off the other side. He cursed and
stood, grabbing the shirt from the chair. He pulled on the black shirt.

Remus grabbed a pair of jeans off the floor. "Oh shit!" He cursed, while
struggling to get his jeans on. He fell back on to his bed.

"Damn!" Remus pulled on his pants fully, and buttoned them up. Remus dropped to all fours on the ground. He crawled under his bed looking for a
pair of matching socks.

After a few moments of unsuccessful groping of the ground, Remus grabbed a black sock, and a white sock from under his bed. He pulled on the socks,
shrugging off the fact that they looked tacky.

He stood, and slipped into his shoes. After grabbing his jacket, Remus ran
out into the hall way of the Orphanage.
He ran down the many dimly lit halls, finally reaching the entrance. He pushed the door open, and stepped out into the cool night. He shivered, and
wrapped his jacket closer to his chest when the air hit his body.

He walked onto the side walk, and then pulled up the sleeve of his jacket on his right arm, looking at his watch. The hands of his watch stated it
was 9 o'clock. "Fuck I am late!"

Remus sighed and broke into a run.


After about ten minutes of running, Remus finally reached a park. He put
his hands on his knees, panting heavily trying to catch his breath.

"You're late Remus." hissed a spin chilling voice, making Remus jump, and yelp. Remus turned around, facing an older man. The man glared at Remus.

"S-sorry sir..I slept in..." Remus muttered looking down at his feet. The
man snorted, and rolled his auburn eyes.

"Don't let it happen again Remus, or I will be forced to get rid of you. I can't have an unreliable hunter under my roof." The man hissed at Remus.

Remus nodded and when he looked up, the man was gone. Remus sighed deeply
and ran a hand through his blonde hair.

He looked up at the sky, as the thick dark clouds moved, bringing the moon into few. Instantly the whole park and other parts of the city were bathed
in the silver light of the full moon.

A spin chilling howl ripped through the air, Remus sighed. He reached into
his jacket pocket, pulling out a gun. The gun was loaded with silver
nitrate filled bullets.

He locked the gun as another howl ripped through the cool night air. "Where
ever you are, you flea bitten dog, I am going to get you!" he said

Remus's eyes flashed with blood lust, as he walked off, putting the gun
back in his pocket.


After about four hours of wandering the city, and not finding any sign of a werewolf, Remus grew irritated. "Okay, I know you are here, just come out
so I can kill you!"

He grumbled, "God damn you stupid flea bitten mutt!" he shouted, kicking a
trash can. Just as he kicked the trash can, a soft whimper reached his
sensitive ears.

Remus whirled around, facing an alley. He pulled his gun from his pocket, pointing it towards the alley way. He slowly walked towards the alley way,
making out the outline of two figures.

He stepped closer; the one figure was leaning over the other. The one
laying on the ground cried out in pain. "Back the fuck up, hands in the

The figure stood turning to face Remus. Remus gulped, the figure's silver eyes seemed to look right into his soul, making Remus shiver. He backed up as the figure stepped into the light. Remus gasped dropping his gun, and
stumbled backwards. "Oh dear fucking god!"

The figure had waist length dark red hair, and molten silver eyes. Its skin
was a bluish slate color, and slightly fur covered.

Remus could tell the creature was female by her body. He stepped back more
knocking to a trash can. The trash can landed on the ground with a dull thud, the trash falling out. Remus glanced back at the trash can, and then
quickly moved his eyes back at the creature.

She had moved closer during the time Remus had looked at the trash can. She stood about a foot away from Remus, his forgotten gun at her feet. She bent
down and picked the gun up.

Remus cursed himself for his stupidity. Why did he have to drop the gun? Should he turn and run away? He knew he should have brought...his thoughts
were brought to a halt when his gun fired off.

The creature had thrown it over her shoulder, and the impact of the gun hitting the cement ground firing it off. Remus's golden eyes grew wider, if
even possible.

A low growl escaped the creature's mouth, as she brought her blood stained hands to her mouth. Her pinkish tongue flicked out, licking the blood from her hands delicately. Her tongue disappeared back into her mouth, and her
eyes rolled back slightly, as if savoring the blood's coppery taste.

Remus's blood boiled and his skin crawled watching this animal lick the
human's blood from her slender feminine hands. Remus took a step back again, tugging lightly at the collar of his shirt. Sweat slowly rolled down
his face, as he stepped out of the alley.

The creature's silver eyes snapped fully open. She let out an angered cry, and she lunged at Remus, fangs bearing. She landed on top of him, sending them both to the ground. Remus yelped as a sharp rock dug into his back.

The creature had her hands on either side of his head, straddling his hips.
Remus slowly opened his golden eyes, which were filled with fear. Remus
had never been so scared in all his life. In all his 2 years of being a
hunter, he never feared for his life as much as he did now.