I needed you so damn much
more than I've ever needed you before
but you just turned your back
and walked straight out that door

You knew how much I needed you
but you didn't even fucking care
you just walked away
as though you were never there

But then again you never were
Not when I really needed you anyway
You'd only stay to get what you wanted
You used me like a whore some might say

But I just loved you so damn much
and I foolishly believed there was more
That you really cared for me
the same way you did before

But I was only fooling myself
with these childish dreams
believing that maybe just maybe
you weren't who you seemed

But you were and you always will be
I needed you so damn bad
and you just walked out that door
Ironically I am somewhat glad

Now I know the truth
you have proven it to me
you can never ever change
back into who you used to be