Above the Living

Freezing in emptiness,
As they wait for her magnificence.
I wish they would forget me...
And I want them to pine for me.
Vertigo has enraptured this being,
Nothing more I hold dear tan the heart that ceases to beat within me...
If they knew,
They would sting me with their bites,
The ladies in their pristine dresses,
Mocking those less in stature.
They mock me,
But I always see the fear in their eyes,
They know I have power...
But they don't knot I can bleed them dry...
Drink them dry.
They glow with seductive life,
Their hearts beating,
The pink flush of blood on their cheeks.
Blood I wish to taste,
Such young vibrant things...
When I am only young on the outside.
Millennia burn in these eyes,
Death stings in my laugh...
Seduction is my art.
And I yearn to taste them.
But I sit here,
Quiet and humble,
As we wait for her blinding beauty.