Burning Desire
By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on the Sixth day on a certain November
Month that I was able to encounter one named Heather
Silverstone,whose beautiful hair was as red as the fire
That has entered my being and heart with burning desire
That was making me unable to stop thinking about her.

She had told me that she had came to New
York City to look for something for her to do
In the daytime,while she does some sort of night
Stuff--and after I've told her that she was right
To come here,something just inside of me truly knew
That the desire that we both have for each other
Was something that we had allowed that force to conquer
Our souls and bring us together in a passionate embrace.

But that was before I've discovered that an extraordinary race
Of alien beings has arrived on Earth to take her
Back to her homeworld,only to have her say,"No!
This is my new home!I don't want to go
With you!I'm no longer worthy to be your queen!"

Then suddenly,they've pulled the nastiest guns I've ever seen,
Aimed them at us and told us both to go
Aboard their ship and travel with them to the planet
known as Camelon,where I've truly noticed all of its
Wonderous splender and told Heather that it doesn't mater where
We'll end up as long as I'm with her there.

And so,we've stayed on Camelon,Queen Heather's home planet.