whoever knows
( ;that always pleases my mother)
as i was walking
that's right" said his aging
hit me in
"could i
raindrops racing
pressed my hand
knew that

you will
you will
don't think

whoever knows the words to this song dance a little faster
(i took a walk, brought my coat; that always pleases my mother)
as i was walking i got a little lost found a peculiar cottage and asked an antique man
"will this road take me home" and his wife replied "turn around, right down there, that's right"
but when i turned around branches hit me in the face
i was hurting already anyway
"could i stay at your home for just one night?" i asked
"oh, certainly" the old man said

there were raindrops racing each other down my window that night
and i pressed my hand on the ice glass and said one word, one prayer
and i knew that i had found home

you will cry tear your clothing and ask the sun why well take my old soul i have another
you will forget the rosebud turning black see the new moon the bright full moon
don't think i will be the one to come find you
because if this is worth anything
i know that you'll {find me}

my shoes are soiled by the dried blood of a chimera
and they leave traces of me wherever i go
and i scream and throw my head all the way back when i laugh and i am so happy here
so if this is worth anything,
boy, you will come here