Green eyes blinked open weakly to blurrily register the color grey before shutting again quickly. It must be early, Jessica thought to herself as she stretched her arms slightly. Settling back into a light doze she reflected on what she remembered of her plans she made the previous evening. Get up, have breakfast, take a shower, a range of normal tasks for a Saturday. She then wondered at her strange dream, kidnapped by a demon like creature... ridiculous. It would make a wonderful story but she wasn't interested in telling tales. She stretched again, ridiculous, settling back into the sheets of the bed her sense of touch registered something odd. These sheets were more silken than her own.

Jibdelt observed the young girl as she gently woke herself from slumber. He wondered at her calm but knew it wouldn't last. Brow furrowed in concentration he debated on changing his appearance so as to not alarm her. After all, his normal hunter appearance was to make him look goblin like, to scare the children as it were. Jibdelt's goal wasn't to frighten her yet, he wanted to know if she could control her power before he tried to scare it out of her. Decision made, he removed his mask, changed his legs back to normal, and removed his hunter garb to put on something more casual. All the while watching the girl carefully to see when she would stir herself into full wakefulness.

Jessica's eyes snapped open suddenly to be greeted by a grey cavern. She pushed the blankets off of herself and sat up. Sitting quietly at the end of the large bed was an in human creature. He wore black clothing layered with dark green and decorated discreetly but ornately with silver piping. His attire appeared to be reminiscent of the 1800's style with a modern flair. Black hair framed his regal face and accented his yellow eyes. The man appeared tall, to the elfin point, and that was the first word which came to Jessica's mind when she saw him. Dark Elf.

The girl's black tank top and pajama bottoms didn't really compliment each other. Then again, bright flowers had never been one of Jibdelts favorite patterns. Her gentle mouth opened slightly in shock and messy brown hair aside the girl was truly quite lovely. The hunter complimented himself on his catch with an inward smile. The most striking thing about her though, was her perfectly clear green eyes. Their coloration was intoxicating and Jibdelt found himself feeling a bit heady. One of them had to break the silence.