How can it really be
that just a short while ago
I looked deep into your eyes
and saw some one
I wanted to spend eternity with?

Didn't I realize then
how extremely selfish you are
and that you could never learn
to really love anyone
but yourself?

How could I have been so blind
that I didn't notice how spoiled you are
and how you take advantage
of everyone you meet
and never even care?

Didn't I realize
how incredible mean you were
and how you were full of hatred
for anyone who
is even remotely different from you?

How could I have disregarded
all of these flaws
and so many more
that you constantly demonstrate
and how much they drive me crazy?

Didn't I see who you were?
Alas I did not
I was too in love with you
to see any evil in you
all I saw was the glimmer of kindness

How could that glimmer just disappear?
I refuse to believe
that you are all evil
so I will continue to search
for the glimmer of kindness in you