Driving home with you.
Hoping this moment would never end.
Our song playing on the radio.
I begin to sing
and you smile sweetly.

Can I wrap this moment up?
I want to keep how I feel when we're alone together
with only the sound of the car on the road
and the music softly in the background.

Your perfect in everyway.
This moment is more than perfect.
I just want to stay here forever.
Keep on driving.

I don't want to go home
and return to my world of pain.
I just want to feel this way
forever and ever.

I know we can't keep driving.
Responsibilities await us.
I just wish the world could disappear
and then we could continue driving.

Without saying a word.
Knowing our love surpasses mere words.
I sigh know this moment will end too soon
but for now I will just enjoy this feeling.

Pretend like this will never end.
Like we'll never have to say good-bye.
Like we really could
just keep on driving forever.