"I only wanted to make you happy"
she whispers through her tears
but he doesn't hear her.
He doesn't even notice the tears
streaming down her face.
He doesn't know how hard she tries
that she has devoted her whole life
just to making him happy.
He doesn't know the pain in her heart.
All he knows is the anger he feels
and his lack of self control
as he shoots those horrid words at her.
She just continues to cry
knowing it is all her faults
and she deserves everyone of his insults.
He doesn't know how much he hurts her
or maybe it's just that he doesn't care
but whatever it is this will never end.
She will continue trying
and will only notice her when he needs a scapegoat
when he needs some one to explode on.
She will continue loving him
and believing she deserves this all.
This never-ending cycle will continue
from generation to generation
causing so many people pain.
If only there was a way to stop it.