A short story. Enjoy.

A small boy stood with his mother outside of their house. It was feudal Japan and their village was at war. He wore the normal farmer boy's outfit. There was thunder far away.
"Mama what's that?" The little boy pointed to the sky. In the sky was a man in normal armor riding a white horse. His horse galloped in front of pitch-black clouds.
"That's the Rain Bringer." His mother said soothingly.
"The Rain Bringer?"
"The Rain Bringer brings the rain to the villages that need it. His story is a long and sad one."
"I wanna hear it!" The boy pleaded.

The Story

A boy around twelve stood, watching his village perish under the attackers. Both his mother and father and been killed. His name was Kiyoshi.
Kiyoshi had led a simple life, working on the family farm, helping his mother out, and practicing with his wooden sword. He was the sole survivor of his village.
He turned and ran into the forest, not wanting to see the horrible site any longer. He ran deep into it, not looking back once. He tripped over a root that was sticking out of the ground and he fell, knocking him unconscious.

When he woke up he felt a soft nibbling on his ear. He looked up into the eyes of a pure white foal.
"Who are you?" He asked playfully.
The foal snorted, and pranced around.
"Where's your mother? Didn't she ever tell you not to wander to far away?" He looked behind some trees in search of the mare. What he saw shocked him beyond belief. A wolf was crouching over an identical mare to the foal, lips bathed in blood. It sped away when it saw Kiyoshi. This must be the foal's mother. He thought.
"She must have died of disease because she's already started to decay and the wolf was just here." He said aloud. The foal had stayed a good distance away from the dead carcass. He walked back to the foal.
"I'll name you Yasou." Kiyoshi named his companion. They were like twins in a way. Both had lost their parents. So they're life together began.

Six Years Later

Kiyoshi had turned eighteen and Yasou had grown into a stallion. They had roamed the forest, helping anybody in need they found.
Kiyoshi stopped to look at a wise looking man when Yasou stopped the man from going any further. The man came up to him.
"We've been looking for you Kiyoshi. The man said.
"Who else is here? I see no one." Kiyoshi replied.
"My pet cricket." The cricket was on the man's shoulder.
"What did you come here for?"
"We came to find you two. You have special powers my dear boy. Did you notice anything happen when you'd start to cry, or got angry?"
Kiyoshi thought for a second. "My mother told me that when I was a baby that when I cried rain would start to fall. But what does it matter?"
"You are the reincarnation of Raidon, the Thunder God. And Yasou has the gift of flight but hasn't shown you yet. Together you will rule the skies and bring the rain to villages in need."
"You're making no sense old one."
"You'll understand in a few moments." And with that the man blew up into rays of light that hit Kiyoshi and Yasou. Kiyoshi found himself wearing armor, and Yasou looked like a grand war-horse. Kiyoshi knew the man was right.
He hopped onto Yasou's back and they went into the sky. When a village needed it they brought it. Soon it wasn't Kiyoshi and Yasou; it was the Rain Bringers.
Now, hundreds of years later, a woman and her child stood outside of their hut, watching them bring the rain.