: : : : : : Blood Cup : : : : : :

You try to push me down,
Pull me down,
Hold me down,
But I come right back up.
Pour my blood into your cup.
Still I am not weakened,
But you reach for my life's end

The petals fall from my rose,
Frost is nipping at my nose.
Do you help me?
Do you save me?
Instead it's a mockery of me,
Isn't it?

No longer will I fear
For the end of your life!
Instead I'll end it quicker
With a twist of my knife!
No more laughter from your lips,
From my cup, too much you have sipped,
There was poison in that blood,
Now its poison in your blood,

This is the end of my blood cup
I'll have no more lies
No longer will you wake up
Guilt will not imply
I am free from your hold
Our love has run cold
I could not be more pleased
Your life I have seized!
I'm Free