: : : : : : Only Memories : : : : : :

I can only smile so long
Before my lips spilt
And begin to bleed
With the blood dripping
Like tears unshed from my eyes
To stain my pillow
Where my head once laid
Next to your smiling face
And echoing laughter

I can only laugh
Till my lungs crack
And decay
Exposing the smoke
From the countless cigarettes
And ravioli
Which we shared from the same can
But different spoons
While playing card games
With your lovable aunts

I can only love you
Till you're gone
And even then
I don't think it'll stop
Because by being a girl
I see you every time I look in the mirror
Wearing different bikini's
And torturing your dad
With the amount of time
It took us to change

I can only change
More into myself
If the scars still linger
I will accept them
Because they are a part of me
And a part of me is you