Just Us

I have no time to think anymore

or realize

all of the things

that I can't be any longer.

I'm listing

on this even keel

against you

and I feel you break inside of me.

Your bent

frame deeper

scratching at my inner curve.

-I love you-

you whisper

as though those words

would make it anymore true.


is only a word

after all

and I feel very little when you say it to me.

It is this,

you in this moment

so close to me

that I feel your meaning.

My hands

are on the naked muscles of your back

as they flex and curl toward the ceiling as you edge ever closer.

I have no time

for the world outside these walls now

and I don't want to spread my time out evenly

saving only a scrap of myself for you

and this moment

where I am no longer I

and you no longer you.

We are us

only us

inside this moment.

I want to give everything to you

every breath I breath escaping into your skin

every word I write

coming from your hands guiding me.

I want to pull myself in a thousand direction

and cover you

with the length of this feeling.

I want to fill your heart

like wine from Dionysus own hand

freeze framing time

and memory

to become just this

-just this-

just us.