Oh how stupid I was to throw you away,
distracted by the headlights of another one,
I wish you weren't so nice to me every day,
Like being shot in the foot with your missery gun,

I can't take two steps back,
to readjust the master clock,
and my mind begins to crack,
as the realities start to lock,

if only there was a way,
to appologise for it all,
right to this very day,
I can't help to recall,

How bad I was to you,
and how we'll never be again,
I feel nothing I can do,
nothing at all I can,

but the man inside my head,
has spoken with the one inside yours,
he tells me the fire's not yet dead,
and you left open those doors,

to let me into your heart,
if I showwed my loyalty,
right from the very start,
I should have treated you like royalty,

will we dance again?
alone in the moonlight,
maybe we just can,
forget that stupid fight.